Spanish Town Mardi Gras 1999 ! by american entertainment virtuals,inc.

Third Annual "Almost Live" Cam Coverage !

Mardi Gras

In The Capital City

Mardi Gras 1999 !

Dancing Flamingo

Baton Rouge,Louisiana

February 13th


Spanish Town Mardi Gras!

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Hot HOt Hot Midi
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Almost Live Cam views Started 2.13.99 @ 2:37 PM CST until its done! @10:10 PM CST Exclusive Pics>>>>>>


Exclusive: 2.14.99 Meet the Press Mary Matelin, wife of James Carville, Tells Jerry Falwell
"Everyone knows Po is the gay one."
Follow the Spanish Town Mardi Gras adventures of Flossy's quest to provide proof of Tinky Winky's orientation.
In Baton Rouge Tune to 1260 AM
KBRHfor 24 hour Mardi Gras tunes.


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