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Rock the Vote

This is your chance, CPAs, to have a say in the future of the profession.

By December 28th the AICPA will have all ballots for the high-profile vote on the creation of a new international business credential. CPAs across the country are trying to learn more, read as much as they can and discuss the impact of a new credential, which will be overseen by a new organization, the IISPB, or the International Institute of Strategic Business Professionals.

There has been much talk about the new credential, and a number of heated debates. Many CPAs are for the credential, and many are against it. Even more CPAs report that they simply don't know enough yet to make an intelligent decision. It's important that AICPA members, no matter what their position on the credential, make an effort to return their ballot. This is an important decision for the professional community, and it only makes sense that CPAs have the final say in how their profession is to be shaped. To help our CPA community, we have provided the following links to get more information about the issue:

The official global credential site from the AICPA:

AccountingWEB's information center on the credential:

XYZTalk, a site dedicated to discussing the credential:

The Journal of Accountancy's special report on the credential:

These sites are just a few of the sources for information out there on the Internet. Good luck with your research and don't forget to return your ballot by December 28th!

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