Neta van Zwaren
I am a 6 foot 4 (194 centimeter) tall basket ball player, the tallest  in Israel. I have been playing since I'am 12 and joined the women's team at Hapoal Jerusalem at 16. When I was 16 1/2, I got a very aggressive form of cancer and part of my right hand had to be amputated to remove the cancer growth. I spent 1 1/2 years of a living nightmare, doing radiation and chemotherapy, leaving me so weak. But, despite that I went on with my basketball practice, became a left hander and finished my high school with an A average.

My dream is to overcome my disability and become a top woman basketball player to play one day in the Israel National League.

To be able to go back to basketball, I need to do a complexe hand reconstruction microsurgery, at Duke University. Just the oepration is 35,000$ and I need to be there for 3 - 6 months. I will be trying out for the girls team at Duke University too.
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