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Flying L'Arc Attack!!! 

::: August 27th 2001 :::
special thanx to Dunley

Yamada: 8 August 2001, tonite we have on FLYING~L'Arc~ATTACK-

Hyde: Hyde~

Ken: and Ken~

Yamada: OK, before the school summer vacation ends after tonite, we are gonna 
expand young boys and gals' views on sex in this program~

Hyde: New Kids On the Sex~~

BMG: 'Step by Step' (this background music is too perfect-timing!)

Yamada: OK kids, ohisashiburi(long time no see) How's everybody? I can't's everybody~?

Hyde: Ha~~i!

Yamada: OK, we shall proceed to answering any of your healthy questions on the 
topic sex: New Kids on The Sex!
I'm Yamada san, and the person who'll reply to your questions will be~

Hyde: It's Brother Hyde~~

Yamada: And we also have another big brother to help us out~!

Yamada: It's Big Brother Ken~!

Yamada: Eh? Brother Hyde's helper is Big Brother Ken? So let's see what's on 
the letter, first is...

BMG: Step 1~~!

Yamada: Eri-chan, 12 years old. My friend Ma-chan has a poodle, so i ask father 
for one too, but my father said: Butter dog is better! Ahahaha~ (strange voice)
Brother Hyde, what is a Butter Dog?

Hyde: What a good question~

(Staff behind burst in laughter)

Hyde: That~ah~

Yamada: Pls tell us

Hyde: Doggies ah, they like butter u know~

Yamada: EH~??! Why?

Hyde: So, doggie will feel butter is always not enough.

Yamada: Ah! So if we give 'em a lot of butter, they will feel VERY happy?

Hyde: That's rite! and u can apply the butter on a lot of places for doggie!

Yamada: EH~?! Isn't butter applied on bread? Can we really apply it on other 
places too? (act cute voice)

Hyde: (laugh) U r silly~

Yamada: Eh, coz, Brother Hyde made it sounds so difficult~~ (act innocent)

Hyde: If butter can only apply on bread, then won't it be useless?

Yamada: Ya~hor~(da's rite~)

Hyde: Me big brother has a deep knowledge on good doggies~

Yamada: (laugh)

Ken: (laughing behind)

Hyde: Because I've tried experimenting with cats before ne~ (Hyde kun, u HAVE?!)

Yamada: (explode laughter) And then what happened?

Hyde: Talking about cats,

Yamada: Yah

Hyde: A cat's tongue is very rough


Hyde: I was shocked

Yamada: So indeed Butter Cats are dangerous ne~

Hyde: So Butter Dogs are better

Yamada: Brother Ken, U know about Butter Dogs?

Ken: That... I think so, let me tell u a bit more

Yamada: ok

Ken: Butter Cats, are based on a kind of the torture of the ancient China myths 
(what book did u read Ken kun?????)

Yamada+ Staff: (Laugh)

Ken: So Butter Dogs are better, that father must have thought so~

Yamada: So Butter Dogs are not torture?

Ken: That's rite!

Yamada: Thank u Big Brothers! Thank u very much! I've fully understood~
So now's the next letter

BMG: Step 2~~!

Yamada: Yuka-chan, 10 years old. A few days ago, I heard my big sister in her 
bedroom making this very loud breathing noise! My sis was alone in the room, 
what is she doing?

Hyde: What a good question!

Yamada: Izzit?

Hyde: But i don't think i can say that out?

Yamada: Eh? If Brother Hyde knows, why not say it out?

Hyde: U! This fellow is very nagging~

Yamada: (laugh) Very sorry~

Hyde: Well, she's noise)


Yamada: Big Brother~! (whining)

Hyde: Or playing with....(again fainting noise)

Yamada: Big Brother, U! Help, Big Brother~!

Ken: Or maybe a ghost was suffocating her

Yamada: AH!

Hyde: No, no, it's definitely ~~.... (fainting noise again)

Yamada: Waaaah~ Big Brother! Ken Big Brother!! (whining)

Hyde: Definitely~

Ken, Yes, chances are high, but...

All: laugh

Yamada: Ok, New Kids On the Sex will wait for your innocent questions on sex, 
but answers may be unsound sometimes, be careful! So kids above 15 years, pls 
go figure out yourselves! Ok, U two, pls look and the camera, ok, say 

Hyde+ Ken: Bye~ Bye~

As the japanese pronounciation for doggie is "ken", so when Hyde kun said 
"Butter Dog', keep feeling he is calling Ken kun ne! (laugh)
And that "Ahhh~ ah", is Hyde and Ken's special sound effects ne! (laugh)
Tetsu's effect is "Bi-!" Only Yukkie kun doesn't have. Good Boy ^^ (laugh) and 
heard that this "AHH-" is FLA's female staff's original voice, so professional!

Original translator Snow White (from Jap into Chinese)
Translated by Cha Cha (from Chinese into Eng)




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