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yukihiro Punks Not Dead  
Original Japanese From B-pass - 1999 January

Attack x Protect

- Attack? I don't think this topic is for yukihiro today (laugh)
[I can attack too ne]

- Whoops! You can do that too? I didn't know before.
[…well, yeah~ (laugh) hey! I thought we have photo shoot today]

- What if someone attack um?

- yourself?
[Who, me? nonono (laugh)]

- Regarding what hyde-kun said "We have to get yukky by mc"
[So there's no reason to attack, right]

- Is it? But what if we do?
[I'm not gonna do that ne~]

- What about mc?
[hyde-kun just make it too over ne]

- (laugh) what were we thinking na~?
[alright~ but talk about attack, there's also protect too, right? If we want to protect, we have to attack as well, it's not gonna be something like attack for protect umm… that's why I attack first, in order to make them out ne~ (in the past)]

- So you just protect yourself, right?
[ahh~ you make it sound better~ For example is when I become major, there're TON of rules and must-do-thing, I was just can't handle with it and didn't really trust anyone so I didn't really follow what they told me to do]

- If protect becomes to the bigger point which is attack, what about attack? What is it gonna lead to?
[I think it's nothing to do with the others especially in that time]

- But it's different now
[That's also part of it]

- So you can trust more person?
[that's true but I'm not only listen na~ I also say it out too so they should understand me as well]


Digital x Analog

- What do you think of when talk about digital?
[watch and telephone]

- As for yukihiro-kun, you're stick with those digital thing?

- Didn't you use mobile or connect to Internet from Personal Computer at all?
[I didn't really use it lar~ want me to play it now?]

- Eto? What about in the past?
[I use computer only when for making song, my Macintosh can do nothing but about song]

- If think carefully, we didn't have telephone in the past too
[yeah, not even telephone. I only have mobile phone now.. actually, I do have ISDN too but I don't really understand fibers or something like that at all so I have to let somone else do it for me]

- This is about… connecting telephone line?
[Eto, the telephone line at my house isn't connect with each other, telephone number too.. I just can't understand it]

- Eh~ ? why?
[I don't know, there's a lone in even though my phone broke.. this is why I don't understand]

- (laugh) I don't think anyone understand it too?
[there is! But I always forgot what it is]

- So.. you're actually analog type?
[well, what should I say.. umm but I like walking ne~]

- Walk?
[Walk to the destination like going to CD shop or something like that, I always walk ne]

- That means you're not really use transportation at all?
[eto.. it's the feeling like.. I usually listen to all the news by myself and still do so until now]

- So.. there's no digital thing around you at all?
[Yes, not even a washing machine (laugh)]

- What about a streaming pots, stove or oven? You have it, right?

- Ah!! So you will just eat all those cold meal at the company?
[meal at the company! Has it ever really warm? "SURE!!"]

- (laugh) then, what else do you have, what about digital camera?
[I got one digital VDO before, I use it once for the first time when we went to New York and never use it again, don't even take a look at it ne (laugh) also, I have only one tape too]

- Only one! For people who do Remix like Yukihiro, I thought you have TOB of those digital thging naa~~
[umm… there're lot of stuff that I don't have yet but that's because I don't really want to have it at all ^^]


Adult x Kid

- Do you think you are adult?
[I'm not a kid for sure]

- What is the story that adult talk about ?
[how to control ourselves, stay quiet & calm, may be? ^^ I talked about it sometime too but…]

- Stay quiet, that's it? (laugh) so.. when you were young, which kind of adult did you want to be?
[Salary man (laugh)]

- And what did you think when you were 20?
[I think the same way when I was 20 but no matter what, I think it doesn't matter, I just want to make a music in the band like this,t hat's all ne~~ I was in ZI : KILL when I was 20 and when I was 30, I can be in the band again]

- Alright, which kind of band do you want to be when you are 40?
[I didn't think about it yet ne ^^]

- Wanna continue drumming?
[umm~~ how can I say? There's nothing at all but it's related if you are still in this career, tight? Except that I won't do music anymore]

- Do you have any other thing you want to do if you aren't do music?
[nope…… salary man, may be ^^ (laugh)] - Oh! Is this mean adult = salary man (laugh).....


** there's more interview in thsi issue but I'm not feelign well today so I'll continue it later ^^ )



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