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hyde solo interview ( Switch )

Translator : hyde soso ( thank you ^O^ )
hyde solo interview ( Switch )
(After I read this interview I do feel much better, Thanks hyde..for clarifying things...ease my anxiety..coz I realy dunno what he's been up to..about the SOLO thing and the BAND u know..its good that he explained and told us what he thought.. ^_^ I'm sure he is very devoted to the band and would not choose to go solo forever!!! )


--This year is actually 10th year of Laruku right?
h: Yes
--Are you conscious about it?
h: Oh, not really. Its like, now that you say it..then i'll think " oh yeah "
--Is there anything that was particularly nostalgic for you?
h: it seemed like a longgg time ago that time we were young. I mean its like 10 years, its was a very very long time.
--There were so many different things, you probably can't remember the details right?
h: when we first started the band, i just feel that we were like kids.
--Now that you've become adults, do you feel more "concrete"?
h: Well not really, but just that 10 years ago we were kids, still chasing some unrealistic dream.
--Its like there's no choice, the feeling is...just got the urge and desire to make some music right?
h: Yeap.
--Is there anything that changed your view during these 10 years about the band?
h: em....have you ever lived with a woman?
h: So its like that, everyday you have to cope with little things about life and get to learn it, like you argue about small stupid things right?
So you just have to learn to think for each other, understand each other, and just have to control yourself when you can, and try not to get pissed,
or else you can't live your life well everyday. That kind of thing, its same for being in a band, so the band is kinda like..a woman.
(excuse me hyde..whats with with woman thing? so u're just saying " I've lived with a woman before that's why i know " thing now ^^?
yeah altho we KNOW...u you have to be so..explicit.. anyways..)
--Band is like a living thing isn't it? Like a cohabitat of people with different personalities..
and it cannot be sustained by only incoporating each individual's thoughts, because unpredictable
things keep coming up. So in what way do you think about the band now, hyde san?
h: I always feel that i'm 1/4 of the band. Now that I'm doing my solo work,
its just feeling I've turned the 1/4 into 1. Take a metaphor like this,
like sometimes i just wanna have my own room and stuff.
Because of the band, there are different reasons that made it impossible
for me to build my own room the way i like it, but if i'm solo,
I can decorate my room with all of my favorite antique furnitures.
Of course its cool to have a band room furnished with modern like furniture,
coz its just out of curiosity, but I'd really like to have a room that's based on what i truely like someday.
--So its like a villa?
h: something like that. And when your family gets bigger, you would want one more house right? coz your kids will
grow up and stuff. (haido!! are you saying u have kids now!? )
--But in all these 10 years you never wanted to do any solo work?
hyde: from few years ago this idea was already there, but just that its now that we actually put it to action
--so 2 or 3 years ago when the band was growing without limit, you guys thought about solo?
hyde: yeap.
--what triggered it thought?
hyde: instead of saying that there's a factor that triggered it, its more like an accumulated effect and you just
wanna release it. In the band there's a way that we like it to be, the four of us, but if i'm alone then i will be like
this...i thought.
--the desire to be independent?
h: thats like, there's only one thing you want in the world, and you wanna make something that belonged to only you
by yourself, I always felt that way.
--ever since you were a child?
h: yeap, like I would wanna draw more I would want my own painting, so its like one of my instincts.
--When did you start drawing?
h: When i was really young I already liked it a lot. Ever since I am conscious about things I thought " I would
do nothing else other than this " . So i really had this Otaku like obsession going on. Maybe you will see it this time
when im doing solo?
--When you were writing songs for solo, do you have different ways and different thinking?
h: Yeah, its a somewhat natural process, but to think about it, I already get to do what I want with each song
when i was with the band.
--There should be some things that you couldn't do with the band right?
h: well its not really true...because the things i wanted to do I would already have in mind.. like drawing,
if i want this kind of drawing, i'll start drawing based on that. So this solo thing, its already shaped,
I just need to get there step by step.
--so its like you have all this 'final product' picture planned ahead.
h: In the band we had times where we just did things out of this sudden urge, we were quite spontaneous.
Because the 4 of us we have different opinions, we'd have to choose between things and find out whats the best.
However this time being solo, I'm the only person,
so I already have an idea in my mind how long its gonna take, how its gonna be presented..etc.
--I heard your solo demo this year's April, at that time you were already done with it?
h: Well its just like..i'll make something close to that, for all these years, ever since i wanted to do it,
my visions haven't changed. Just that as time passes by i had spiced it up a bit.
--About the band, you guys had started resting since last year's year end eh?
h: Yeah, we're taking time to re-charge.
--Its like " lets take a break and look back on ourselves" ?
h: I just think we need to leave some time and do things as we see fit, following our own footsteps.
--Slowly and deliberately?
h: yeah, Its become like a kind of ..confidence..rather than being 4 together, i thought it would be better
if we could take it step by step and have some space to think about and clarify things.
--What's the main thing that caused this decision of solo ?
h: Among us in the band we had already put solo in schedule a long time ago, just like i said before, we wanna
think about it througouly and do it at the right timing.
--When did you start writing this time's solo song?
h: Quite a while ago. 2 years ago i already have the basic demo thing there...but since i have the rough idea
of it then i didn't think further about it. Although I did have a feeling that it will become



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