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Flying L'Arc Attack [ 20-08-01 ]

# special thanx to Dunley ^_^

The following is the part content of FLA 8/20 when all the members of L'Arc were present. Yamada seemed very happy.

Yamada: It¡¯s August 20th, 2001. Tonight¡¯s FLYINING L'Arc ATTACK is?! Mmmm~~~~hai!! The number of the chair is~~~~~!! One ~,two~, three~, four~! Oh, there are four chairs! Let's begain with self- introduction.

hyde: I'm hyde~

tetsu: I'm tetsu~

ken: I'm ken~

yukki: I'm yukihiro~

yamada: I'm yamada! All members of L'Arc~en~Ciel are present, who hadn't been seen together for a long time. (the beginning of HEAVEN'S DRIVE) hai! (very excited voice)

hyde: I'm hyde~

tetsu: I'm tetsu~

ken: I' ken~

yukki: I'm yukihiro~

Yamada: Hai,I'm yamada! (laugh) Ahh~~ Make sure again because we are really very happy~ (laugh)! Tonight we will release the relative events of the new single Spirit dreams inside - another dream which has been waited for two months and a year. Ok, ok~, everybody cleans the ear before listening. Please clean carefully. Are you OK? Let's begin with hyde.

Hyde: hai, The new song Spirit dreams inside - another dream will be in FLYING L'Arc ATTACK on 8/23, ken chan PASS!

ken: It is the first time to decide on air.

Yamada: appear! Appear~! Ken chan!

Ken: Hai?!

yamada: It's first time to do it on air!

Ken: Yes.

Yamada: We should emphasize this word, decide!

ken: decide

Yamada: Yes! Yes! very happy, very happy. Give the following speech to ta chan,come!

Tetsu: The release day of Spirit dreams inside - another dream-, In other words, it's in the radio unlimited program on 9/5, Wednesday~~~~~, ken chan PASS!

Ken: All the members of L'Arc~en~Ciel will be present on that program and decide~~~!

.....BGM IT'S MY LIFE ( don't know why this song appears)

All: (laugh)

yamda: (laugh) Yes! Decide! That's great, very great~! Ken chan is so great!

Ken: Ah, do I say with this feeling?

Yamada: It's exactly this feeling!

Ken:OK! OK! ..All the members of L'Arc~en~Ciel will be present on that program and de¡­¡­~~~!


All: (burst into laugher)

yamada: That is Grear! (laugh)

Ken: decide!!!


All: (laugh)

yamada: Music controller gonna cry! Hi~~~! Next is yukke turn~

Yukki: This is song~~~, Yam know it much better than I! Yama pass~!

Yamada: Er~!? Me, is it me?

.....BGM: the beginning of STAY AWAY

hyde: Before that, please listen our late new single till now, STAY AWAY

<~~ the following skipped ~~>




original translation by Snow White
translated by Dunley^^

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