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Flying L'Arc Attack [ 01-08-01 ]

# special thanx to Dunley ^_^

It is hyde's return, who hadn't appeared for a long time. So DJ, yamada san , pretended a policeman to cross-examine him.

yama: I start to cross-examine! I'm yamada! Hey,hyde! We have had the related intelligence and information. You'd better be well- behaved to confess. Say or not?

hy: Me?

yama: baseball bat, I have brought here! So does American football! (PS: the tool of cross-examining)

hy: spare me.

yama: Really! Let's talk about where you have been these days.

Hy: Hai! I.. I like Fujian fried rice. Do you know?

Yama: Fujian fried rice? What's that?

hy: Cover the fried rice with meat, vegetables and water. In the Chinese Street of England, it is available in every shop.

Yama: It seems natural that every shop sells this.

hy: I don't know why it is not famous in Japan, but sometimes we can buy it in some shop.

Yama: the fried rice with coverings lah? It's delicious?

Hy: very delicious!

Yama: delicious aa. What are you talking abt?? Who want to listen to such things. Now I'm asking you about going abroad!!!

Hy: really?

Yama: You intentionally describe with a delicate touch to change the topic by talking about European Fujian fried rice.

hy: Yes.

Yama: Europe a.. that solo work is in progress?

Hy: really. How to say? There is a park in England, right?

Yama: There is a park!

hy: It's a park, called Hyde Park. (PS: Hyde Park in South Kensington district is very large.)

Yama: Yes!

Hy: There is my park yeah!

Yama: Yes! My Park!

hy:Yes, yes, yes! I walked in the sun. After a while, I went back to the exit . Then I heard some people shouted:"hyde!". I thought for a while and considered he was shout the park name.

yama: That's right?

hy: No one will believe that someone met hyde in Hyde Park!

yama: Mmm~~yes lah!

hy: Because it's very strange lah!

yama: Yes. It's just like there is people called XXX in XXX Park! ( sorry, I dont know how to translate it.)

Hy: Right! The fellow, XXX, is in XXX.

yama: What are we talking about? It's not interesting at all! Listen carefully! Are you listening to me? All right, you don't confess yet? Put the spotlight on you! Put the spotlight on you!

hy: wuu~~~,sorry!

Yama: How it is! You had done a lots of things in Europe.

Hy: Today, is the fried rice with shrimps and mushrooms ready?

yama: Arr, it's defferent from before . At last, you want to eat Japanese foods!

hy: I take to nado ( Japanese special soya bean) recently.

yama: Though you went to Europe, you become to be this kind after coming back.

hy: It's very strange that I eat nado everyday. I try to eat all kinds of nado.

Yama: The kinds of the fragrant nado?

hy: fragrant nado, that is unexpected not bad. But I like the nado with the skin of soy-beans, lavers and mushrooms.

Yama: Do you add a bit sauce?

hy: Yes! Yama: How about hot pepper powder?

hy: Adding too much will waste the taste of nado so I just add a little.

Yama: Then eat with rice!

hy: It's really very delicious yeah~

yama: It's the real feeling of coming back home.

hy: I feel I don't want anything if I have nado!

Yama: You don't want anything!

hy: Yes!

Yama: If you don't want anything, you shouldn't have gone abroad. You shouldn't have gone there at the beginning. You like Japan! Why did u go abroad? It shocked us! Mmmm~ , in a word, you haven't told us anything ma! I have asked anything about solo work! I say again that you have the right of keeping silent basically. But don't use the right during the broadcast time!!!

hy: Hai!

Yama:If it is possible, please tell us something.

hy: You are right!

Yama: Ask u again! How about the sole work?

Hy: About that, I will keep silent in the broadcast on 8/8, Thursday.

Yama: Keep silent again!




original translation by Snow White
translated by Dunley^^

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