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We are happy to say that the there is a response of great interest and acceptance of Turtle Island Native peoples' traditional ways by the Turkic peoples spreading from the border with Alaska to Anatolia.

Likewise it is an honor to see Turkic Peoples being accepted as friends by the Turtle Island Native peoples'. It is an honor to see the numerous Indigenous Turkic groups listed as such by Native organizations dealing with issues of Indigenous Peoples. An example of that is the .



Recent Event:



11th  T�rk  Cultural Gathering


July 18-25 Yalova, Republic of T�rkye, 2008


An the 11th  Cultural Gathering was held from 18th to 25th of July 2008 in Yalova, Republic of T�rkye.

The gathering included member from Sakha, Tuva, Oneida, Ojibway, Uygur, and Turkmon Nations.

The gathering proved to be a great success.

The cultural gathering was coordinated by Native and Turkic people.



The gathering was held in the true spirit of solidarity and respect for indigenous cultures and without any Western Europeans interference.





Native Siberian Art


by Shaman Akkanat


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