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haaaiiiia! yah, i draw too.... and stuff

And now a little something about ME for those who would like to know
I am happily married to Emily , I kick-box in my spare time , and I work for Enix as head producer.
Ok .... maybe not just yet... but some day! mark my words! anyway in the meantime this section of my page will go to my programming, my drawings and....


A guide to what is cool and what is not cool... for example Final Fantasy is always cool but eating your textbook in the middle of class is not cool.... do you not agree that I have a excellent sense of coolness ? well enuf jibbering it is .

1. Emily

- ummmm .... why is this at the top? what are you ,stupid? she's my girlfriend! she is the best thing this dead-ass, poluted to hell, fucked over planet has to offer, sorry guys ... I found her first. Go Here ... Emily Shrine and whitness a small portion of her beauty.

2. UNB

- my university, it's cool-enuf, nice T-1 line,a good comp-sci. programm .. better Digipen or Mirimichi college, not as good as say MIT, but it'll do. actually they have a kick ass eng. and arts departments take a look! UNB

3. Daggerfall

-my favorite game, this is what i do instead of my homework, this thing is massive! allmost an entire world of fiction , it is the ONLY game that has forced me Not to say "I could do this "..... Truely Impressive.


-all the illegal stuff on the web. Mp3s fall into this category aswell. some things should be free, for those who are smart enuf to look,and dumb enuf to risk.

May The Web Be Forever FREE, Amen.

5. Jewel

- my favorite musician, and raight hot too , I'd say 2nd most beautiful person on the planet.

6. Emulators

- videogames are the coolest, but getting em all for FREE!! that rules!!!

7. Music

- Music is THE single most powerful medium. It sets a veiwpoint, a mood, with music you can make a massmurder look funny or a child playing in the park look evil. Try it.... cool, eh?


- Japanese do some things better then everyone else, cartoons are perhaps the best example. If you havent seen AKIRA, Eskaflowne, or even Robotech, then you suck ...get the hell out of my castle raight now! come back after you've been properly decensitised! and know how to count to ten in japanese, ha ha ha ha... Kenshin Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've seen 72 episodes!! it is by far the best anime.

9.SUBWAY subs

This is my favorite food, this stuf is soo potent , if my dog died ,i got fiered from my job and i failed an exam all in the same day. Eating one of these would put a big grin on my face for the rest of the day. If subway is not to be found in your country, then overthrow the government and get some freakin subs!


- its is my favorite sport, kick boxing is soo close but i like soccer cause everyone can play. me and my friends allways have a blast... it's a natural high. oh, and even though i am Canadian and proud, i root for BRAZIL, i was there when they won at USA their 3rd time wining the cup.. they tuned me into a fan.
All of these things can be found or will be soon added to my LINKS DUNGEON. so for more info on this stuff, go down and talk to the executioner.





starway to heaven.mid

sad lulaby.mid




magus theem

Final fantasy

Y's shrine.mid

ff3, daryl


here is my programming stuff all done in qbasic
very nice games,Labrynth of The Hydra, Unfinished Epic, and the crappiest of the lot, Star Killers!

[ZIP]Download qbasic youll need it to play my games

Go to Seeker's Page to see and DOWNLOAD my GAMES he's the one who made them with me.

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