Wait for this to load. It's beautiful.
The title is "Never Alone" (Eeyore's Lullaby)and it's by Tyler Collins
If you ever find a longer version or an instrumental version, please let me know. Thanks!
You can hit the stop button before it puts you to sleep! :)

Welcome to Eeyore's Page!

"I'd look on the bright side, if I could find one," Eeyore said to Pooh, who was holding his tail.

These are a few images that I've found out there and have collected here.
Help yourself, but don't link to this page, please copy and take home with you! They are thumbnails; just click to see a larger version.

I'm getting quite a collection of Eeyore items.
He just seems to need so much lovin' and his sad, silly face just makes me smile! Classic Eeyore or Contemporary...he's just a lovable sad sack! (Kinda like me) Sometime, I'll get pictures up of my personal Eeyore stuff.

I originally planned to put Eeyore's friends here as well. But after surfing around, there's plenty of Pooh and Tigger sites and very little about the other characters. So, for now, this is Eeyore's page.

Never Alone, Eeyore's Lullaby
Tyler Collins

Lay your head, down to bed
And let your slumber sweep your cares away.
In your dreams, chase moonbeams
All the way across the milky way.
And as you rest, in the nest
That we made for you
We'll caress and keep you blessed
Never alone for the whole night through.
Go to sleep, don't you weep.
Tomorrow's gonna be,
Tomorrow's gonna be,
Tomorrow's gonna be
A brand new day.

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