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Hi! Welcome in my little space on the mother of all the webs!

Before you start to click, I would like to anticipate to you what you are going to find in my page.

I'm a cat lover…but I can only have picture of cats, as I'm allergic to them.

If I had two cats, I would like them to be like these:





This picture is on my desk, at work. A friend gave it to me. Click on the image, if you want to see it in its real dimension.

Here's another beatiful cat that a very special friend of mine drawed especially for me…click here to see it!

I'm a wolfing reader, and I prefer especially fantasy and science fiction; my favourite authors are doubtlessly Marion Zimmer Bradley and Katherine Kerr.



Marion Zimmer Bradley is the author of Darkover cycle: if you don't know yet this wonderful planet, run to these sites!!

© Darkover Encyclopedia

© The Virtual Guildhouse

© Purity test: last "perversion"…discover if you've been contaminated by Darkover.

Browsing through my site, you will find much space devoted to my darkovan personality, Leisha n'ha Ursula, a Free Amazonand the owner of the best sweetshop in Thendara. A few months ago Rafael Lindir, young co-regent to Aldaran has joined her

Leisha and Rafael live on Darkover, and talk to their fellow countrymen through the web: come and meet us in our Mailing List, the Darkover Lovers . We have developed a new type of role playing game, played by email. If you want to know more, visit this page, where you'll find as well a list of the stories the list members wrote. If you want to have an overview about Darkover on the web, take a look at this page of Links.


The only site about Katherine Kerr I can advise to you, is the Deverry Home Page, but if you want to know a little more about her novels, take a look at the home page of Casa Editrice Nord (sorry, it's an Italian page)

My interests do not end with fantasy: I adore also japanese comics (manga) and the related cartoons (anime), so, if you want to know more, here are some links for you.

© Anime Web Turnpike tons of links to all your favourite series

© Zona Manga e Anime, my friend Andrea's beautiful Home Page (it's written in Italian).

© Ami Ninomiya Italian Club, an Italian site devoted to one of my favourite mangas: Rough by Mitsuru Adachi.

© Oscar François de Jarjayes: Versailles' rose in her superdeformed version (I've bought it to a comics convention)

© Internet Movie Database: THE LINK for the movie lovers!! Beware of addiction!

© Picture! A little concession to vanity…

© Elyan : a beautiful picture of the first Dungeons & Dragons character I've ever played






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