The Dumb Things We Do
Sometimes, no matter how hard we try not to, we do some really stupid things.
    I had been duped into going into a cave that at first was supposed to have hounds (you could see my resentment in the whole situation), and then it was supposed to have brood, and finally, we discovered it housed a family of vampires.  I have no idea what we were thinking.  We soon came across a solid granite plate on the floor and a door behind it.  As we stepped on the plate, a riddle began to sound in our ears.  We quickly deciphered the riddle and proceeded through the door.  Then we came to a hallway with many of these things.  I proceeded to the first one to crack the riddle.  It was a simple riddle and the answer was CHEESE!  But unfortunately, that was not the answer they were looking for, so I got smushed by the roof collapsing on me, Oops.  Anyway, once I was healed, we cracked the riddle and entered the room.  It had a coffin in it and a vampire busted our.  Most of the adventurers ran back down the hallway, as a few of us stayed to try and talk our way out of the situation.  But the vampire headed down the hallway to scare off the others.  Unfortunately for it, my buddy, Jake Picks Smith, had set a trap and blew that vampire to smithereens.  That is when things got hairy, about half a dozen vampires came out of no where and scared almost everyone away.  They had taken several prisoners and were getting ready to eat us all, which was when I swallowed my tongue and did another really stupid thing.  I stepped out into the hallway and told all the vampires I had something to say to them.  I put all of my friends either in the room or down the hallway.  As all the vampires approached I told them I had something that they needed to know about these people.  They all gathered around me, and I told them..."CHEESE!".  The roof came crashing down on us, unfortunately I had misplaced myself and some of the vampires, so I only managed to get two of them and myself, oops again.  When I woke up to a life spell, I noticed my friends had dispatched the vampires, whew, that would have been bad, but luckily we got through ti A-Ok.  That was the most times I have ever said oops.

Koncholey: Hobbling Alchemist Extrordinare
NERO Alliance Seattle
  Things had been quiet enough for a few hours, and everyone was winding down after an undead attack earlier that night.  I had finally gotten myself as comfortable as I could without pillow or blankets, and my mind started to drift and I dozed.  Suddenly, the door flew open and a woman in black ran in screaming in some language I didn't understand.  I'm guessing she wasn't asking where the outhouse was, because un the seconds that followed several more people wearing black rushed into the building, and everything exploded in a blur of flying spells and clanging steel.  Slowly, I laid back down and pretended that I was still asleep.  I would wait until they weren't watching me, then leap up and attack, giving me the element of surprise.  Unfortunately, I started to doze off again...
     Surprise!  The second my eyes opened, I was under attack by some guy with a polearm, and I was so startled that all I did was blink and crawl backwards a little.  Needless to say, I soon fell to the floor behind the couch in a bloody heap, and my final thought before I passed out was that due to my small size I might not be seen in time to heal...unfortunately, I was right.  Resurrecting was not the horrifying experience I had thought it would be,  although I did have a strange vision about our attackers.  When I woke up, all I could think about was how I would explain to my fiancess Koncholey how I had died for the first time.  He had died to save me from bloodthirsty Gabriel hounds and won my heart.  I died because I fell asleep in the middle of a fight.  Next time, I'll make sure we set up a watch.

Blaze Laetshi
NERO Alliance Seattle
   This was back in '99 at a Rochester event and I was playing my now dead human rouge, Ranson.

     We were on a mission to clear out this cave full of goblins.  We came upon a large door that was locked.  Being the only thief around I picked the lock and then proceded to disarm the trap that was in front of the door.  While I was doing this, another person of our party decided to watch over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't going to set it off.

     After I "thought" I had the trap successfully disarmed.  I announced the trap was taken care of and proceded to walk through the door, with my over-looker right on my heels (no one trusts a rouge that can pick locks and disarm traps for some reason).  No sooner did I set my right foot down did I fell the last trip wire go off.  I was blown to bits, as was the person right behind me...holding all of our party's treasure.

Dave Young
the late Ranson
NERO Alliance Rochester
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