The NCR 605 Minicomputer

The Versatile 16 Bit Powerhouse

The 605 card bay.  From the left to right, three memory cards, memory  interface, three CPU cards, I/O Interface and I/O cards 
Welcome to the NCR 605 Minicomputer nostalgia website that documents the amazing experience of working with the NCR 605 Minicomputer and the NCR POS systems in the 70s.  Looking back it might have been more fun than we thought! 

The Path to 605 Training

William Anderson - Dayton Rotary Speech

605 Minicomputer

NCR Moraine Farm

605 Peripherals and Data Network 

NCR at Your Service!

605 Diagnostics and POS Terminal Repair NCR District Specialist

POS Terminals

The Core Memory Forum
  The History of Computing Project
  TecTel Solutions - Our Consulting Firm
  What I wanted when I was a kid working for NCR

Updated February 23, 2009 - The 605 website was created by Mike Dailey 


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