A Brief History of the GS Colorado

Thanks to Dan Carr for providing this information

In 1968 there was an anti-California sentiment growing in Colorado. There was a slogan going around which typified the era: "Don't Californicate Colorado!". It was under these conditions that some Colorado dealers came up with the idea of swapping the "California" emblems on the rear quarter panels of the GS California for "Colorado" emblems. It is unclear if any GS Californias were sold in Colorado, but it is certain that at least some dealers in the Denver area participated in the GS Colorado promotion. There are no part numbers on the Colorado emblems which supports the theory that the "Colorado" emblems were produced and installed by the dealer.

Dan Carr has an Nth generation (poor) photocopy of an old ad for a '69 GS Colorado. At the bottom, was listed three dealers that were involved with the GS Colorado project. They were "Denver Buick", "Deane Buick", and "Dreilling Buick". At the time, ('68-'69) they were the three largest (and possibly the only) Buick dealers in Denver.

Like the GS California, the GS Colorado was also available in 1969. Although similiar, the GS Colorado is much rarer than the GS California. There were no other dealers besides those in Colorado who replaced the factory "California" emblems with their own. The advertised price for a 1969 GS Colorado was $2995.

If you have any more information about the '68 - '69 GS Colorado that you feel would add to this history please email me.

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If you have specific questions about the GS Colorado you can also email Dan Carr.

Dan Carr
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