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This site is for Rotary enthusiasts everywhere, young and old, expert or novice.

The revolutionary (pun intended:) Rotary engine has changed the way many people feel about their cars, resulting in numerous followers, and sometimes fanatics, around the globe.

Here at the Rotary Engine Pages we offer pictures, information, advice and more to either get you into the world of Rotaries for the first time or maybe even expand your knowledge a little.

Enjoy your visit and come back to see us again soon.


Site News
Myths Explained
Rotary Myths and rumours are explained away by your opinionated webmaster.
Is what you have heard true?

Wanklers Forum
Upgraded BBS system with full features including threaded discussions and more.
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Brand New Quiz
10 new questions and a self marking script. It not only will return you and instant grade, it also logs all results so you can compare your efforts with others. Have Fun and if you get 100% correct you will be added to the 100% List.
Feelin' Lucky ?

7 Real G2 Movies
7 new movies plus a feature AVI movie. All movies are available for download as zip files.
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