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James Dean Biography 

James Dean's life may have been brief, but few would say that it was boring. From the tragic death of his mother to Dean's own tragic death, Dean's life was filled with the very struggle and triumph that has endeared fans across the globe.

Broken up by decade, you'll find within these pages a cumulative effort to bring as much information one can cull from the various biographies about James Dean (many of which can be purchased through the James Dean Bookstore).

If you wish to include or correct a biographical fact about James Dean, please email me at [email protected].

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Today In James Dean History

February 15, 1955
Jimmy attends the Fairmount High School Sweetheart's Ball, where he signs autographs and plays bongos with the band.

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James Dean Poll

Latest Poll (ends 2/19/01)
There are some biographers who question the relationship between James Dean and actress Pier Angeli. How would you characterize their relationship?
- I think it was important.
- I think it was just a fling.
- I don't think they had a relationship.
- Don't know.

(note: this poll is currently available to members of the James Dean mailing list.)

February 12, 2001
What will you be doing to celebrate James Dean's birthday this year?
- I'm heading to Fairmount!!! (0.00%)
- I'll be having a James Dean-athon at home (55.56%)
- Is it his birthday already??? (0.00%)
- Nothing. (44.44%)

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James Dean On Television

Don't miss James Dean on television...

Great Romances of the 20th Century, James Dean and Pier Angeli

- Wed, Feb 21 @ 8:30p EST on Romance Classics
- Thurs, Feb 22 @ 1:30a EST on Romance Classics

Rebel Without a Cause

- Wed, Feb 21 @ 1:55p EST on Showtime 2
- Tues, Feb 27 @ 6:05a EST on Cinemax

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