Perfectly illustrated online guide for microcomputer users (Revised: Oct1997, Jalkanen HiTec)
BusAB|BusCD|PowerSupply|MIDI-Port|PrintingInfo|AddressMap|Parallel-LPT|Serial-COM Hit PgDn for text-only links. Miniatures of tech pages come here.
Hardware and system information, HW interfacing, board signals, etc... more to come...
Info here is in most of the cases compatible to the classic "IBM PC Technical Reference Manual"
PC-Bus Signals/Large Connector- PC Card A&B pins
PC-Bus Signals/Small Connector- AT Card C&D pins
PC Power Supply- Connector and supply pins in a bus
MIDI Port- Musical-Instrument Digital Interface -- pins, cables
Printing Info- Paper and envelope sizes, measurement units in printing
PC Addresses- Memory map, I/O, DMA, Interrupts (IRQ)
PC Parallel (LPT) Port- Pins, signals, I/O and cables
PC Serial (COM) Port- Pins, signals, I/O and cables

GUESTBOOK 1997... See it or write on it

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