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Hemphill, Robert
father: Hemphill, Sam
mother: Craven, Mary
Hemphill, Sam
spouse: Craven, Mary
----------child: Craven, Ruth
----------child: Hemphill, Robert
----------child: Hemphill, Mary
----------child: Hemphill, John
----------child: Hemphill, Samuel
Hemphill, Samuel
father: Hemphill, Sam
mother: Craven, Mary
Hendershot, Lillie Isabel (1886 - )
b. 1886 in Washingtonship, Monroe County, Ohio

spouse: Heddleson, James Ernest (1881 - )
----------child: Heddleson, Clifford Maynord (1914 - 1988)
Henry, America (? - 1872)
d. 16 OCT 1872

father: Henry, Patrick
In the book "History of Union County. p 64," America's name is listed as House.
spouse: Bingham, James C.
----------child: Bingham, S. H.
spouse: Dyer, Edward Harvey (1827 - 1872)
----------child: Dyer, Rebecca S.
----------child: Dyer, George W.
----------child: Dyer, Henry Richard (1857 - )
----------child: Dyer, William C.
Henry, George
spouse: Emmons, Betty (~1744 - )
Henry, Patrick
b. in Ireland
d. in Caseyville, Kentucky
Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley, p 167. He was a native of Ireland, a pioneer of Union county. He was a large land owner and slave owner before the war.
----------child: Henry, America (? - 1872)
Herndon, Belville M.
spouse: Kenney, Emma
Herriott, Ephraim
spouse: Eleanor, ?
----------child: Herriott, Rosannah Marlinda (1814 - 1849)
Herriott, Rosannah Marlinda (1814 - 1849)
b. 26 JUL 1814
d. SEP 1849

father: Herriott, Ephraim
mother: Eleanor, ?
spouse: Lander, Charles Fielding (1810 - 1870)
- m. 6 SEP 1832

----------child: Lander, Son (1841 - 1841)
Hestand, Michael Grant (private)
... Additional Data Private ...
Hestand, Steven James (private)
father: private
mother: private
... Additional Data Private ...
Hiatt, Ann (1730 - )
b. 1730 in Bucks, Pennsylvania

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
spouse: Harris, ?
Hiatt, Catherine (1726 - 1792)
b. 1726 in Bucks, Pennsylvania
d. 1792 in Stokes, North Carolina

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
spouse: Harrel, Jonathan
- m. 1745 in Hopewell Monthly Meeting, Frederick, Virginia

Hiatt, Elisha (~1702 - )
b. ABT. 1702

father: Hite, George Sr(1685 - 1726)
mother: Smith, Mary Lois(1677 - 1745)
Hiatt, Evan (1738 - )
b. 1738

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
Hiatt, George (1733 - 1793)
b. 1 APR 1733 in Bucks, Pennsylvania
d. 28 OCT 1793 in Guilford, North Carolina

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
spouse: Littlefield, Margaret
Hiatt, George Jr. (1698 - )
b. 1698 in England

father: Hite, George Sr(1685 - 1726)
mother: Smith, Mary Lois(1677 - 1745)
Hiatt, James (1740 - )
b. 1740

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
Hiatt, John (1724 - 1790)
b. 1724 in Bucks, Pennsylvania
d. 28 DEC 1790 in Opechon, Frederick, Virginia

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
WFT 2910 Vol 2

Quaker; residence Orange, North Carolina.

spouse: Thomas, Mary
- m. in Hopewell Monthly Meeting, Frederick, Virginia

Hiatt, John Jr (1696 - ~1764)
b. 1696 in England
d. ABT. NOV 1764 in Hampshire, Virginia

father: Hite, George Sr(1685 - 1726)
mother: Smith, Mary Lois(1677 - 1745)
LDS records AFN K5SN-C2. AFN: 3MJR-C4: quaker-meeting 1828 Chester County, PA; to Frederick, Virginia by 1737; died in Hampshire, Virginia (Present day Jefferson, West Virginia.) (WFT #2910 Vol 2.

They came from the British Isles and were quakers, and came to the valley in 1750 (The Bowman Family History).

Information on the children of John and Rachael is from WFT #1144.

spouse: Wilson, Rachel (1698 - ~1746)
- m. 1722 in Brucks, Pennsylvania

----------child: Hiatt, John (1724 - 1790)
----------child: Hiatt, Catherine (1726 - 1792)
----------child: Hiatt, Mary (1728 - 1792)
----------child: Hiatt, Ann (1730 - )
----------child: Hiatt, George (1733 - 1793)
----------child: Hiatt, Joseph (1733 - 1820)
----------child: Hiatt, William (1735 - 1834)
----------child: Hiatt, Margaret (1736 - >1782)
----------child: Hiatt, Evan (1738 - )
----------child: Hiatt, James (1740 - )
----------child: Hiatt, Jonathan (1742 - )
----------child: Hiatt, Timothy (1744 - )
----------child: Hiatt, Martha (1746 - )
spouse: Edwards, Margaret Post
- m. 1747

----------child: Hiatt, Ruth (1748 - )
spouse: Stephens, Margaret
- m. ABT. 1747

----------child: Hiatt, Sarah (1750 - )
Hiatt, Jonathan (1742 - )
b. 1742

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
Hiatt, Joseph (1733 - 1820)
b. 1733 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
d. 1820 in Highland, Ohio

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
spouse: Hanna, ?
- m. 1753

spouse: Ballard, Elizabeth
- m. 1809

Hiatt, Margaret (1736 - >1782)
b. 1736 in Orange, Virginia or Jefferson, West Virginia
d. AFT. 1782 in Rockingham County, Virginia

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
Hiatt may be Hiett (The Bowman Family History)

"It may be noted here that the Harrisons, Dyers, and Cravens were all kinsmen. Following the death of William Dyer in April 1758 at Ft. Seybert massacre Margaret Hiatt Dyer married John Craven about 1760. They made their home near Fisher Springs on Cook's Creek. by the time of John Craven's death, Margaret owned in excess of 750 acres of land. John may have been a Revolutionary soldier, leaving Margaret a widow with seven children. (The Bowman Family History)

John Cravens married, sometime between 1758 and 1762, Margaret, the widow of William Dyer ("Settlers by the Long Grey Trail", p. 261). On 15th September, 1758, Henry Smith signed Thomas Fulton's bond as security for Margaret Dyer. Following her marriage to John Cravens the latter assigned the bond to his father Robert (Augusta Court Judgements, October, 1765, D; Henry Smith vs. Samuel Cowden). In 1762, "John Cravens and Margaret his wife, late Margaret Dyer administratrix of William Dyer, deceased," brought a bill of complaint vs. Charles Wilson, regarding payment of a bond of Wilson to Dyer, dated 24 December, 1752.

Augusta Court Judgements A, 1762). On the 20th March, 1765, Cravens was appointed guardian of Roger and John Dyer, "infant orphans of William Dyer, deceased." (Order Book 9, p. 248)

CHRONICLES OF THE Scotch-Irish Settlement IN VIRGINIA EXTRACTED FROM THE ORIGINAL COURT RECORDS OF AUGUSTA COUNTY 1745-1800 AUGUSTA COUNTY COURT RECORDS. ORDER BOOK No. XXIV. page 337, John Craven and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Dyer, administratrix of William Dyer, deceased.

Primary source, Oren F. Morton's "History of Pendleton County." Additional material and compilation by Frances L. (Ball) Turner and Erik G. Puffenberger.

Margaret Hiatt was definitely from Quaker stock. Her parents were John Hiatt (b. 6969 England, d. 26 Oct. 1764, Frederick Co., Virginia) and Rachel Wilson (b. 28 February 1696/97 in Kendal Westmorland, England, d. Abt. 1746 Frederick Co., Virginia). He was at a Quaker meeting in 1728 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania. In Settlers by the Long Grey Trail: Some Pioneers to Old Augusta County Virginia and Their Descendants, of the Family of Harrisons and Allied Lines. J. Houston Harrison,pg. 261: "The Hiatts were Quakers, and are said to have come in from the British Isles. " (Frances Ball Turner)

Following J. Craven's death, Margaret married Dennis Lanaham on March 20, 1782.

spouse: Dyer, William John (1728 - 1758)
- m. 1753 in Frederick County, Virginia

----------child: Dyer, Roger Jr (1755 - 1810)
----------child: Dyer, John (1757 - 1812)
spouse: Craven, John (~1739 - 1778)
- m. ABT. 1759 in Rockingham County, Virginia

----------child: Craven, Hannah (1762 - )
----------child: Craven, Mary
----------child: Craven, William (1766 - 1826)
----------child: Craven, Robert
----------child: Craven, Ruth
----------child: Craven, Joseph (1769 - )
----------child: Craven, James (1773 - )
----------child: Craven, Peggy (1775 - )
spouse: Lanahan, Dennis
- m. MAR 1782 in Rockingham County, VA

Hiatt, Martha (1746 - )
b. 1746

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
Hiatt, Mary (~1703 - )
b. ABT. 1703

father: Hite, George Sr(1685 - 1726)
mother: Smith, Mary Lois(1677 - 1745)
Hiatt, Mary (1728 - 1792)
b. 1728 in Bucks, Pennsylvania
d. 1792 in Hampshire, Virginia

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
spouse: Edwards, Thomas
- m. ABT. 1750

Hiatt, Ruth (1748 - )
b. 1748

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Edwards, Margaret Post
Hiatt, Sarah (1750 - )
b. 1750

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Stephens, Margaret
Hiatt, Timothy (1744 - )
b. 1744

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
Hiatt, William (1700 - )
b. 1700 in Pennsylvania
d. in Virginia

father: Hite, George Sr(1685 - 1726)
mother: Smith, Mary Lois(1677 - 1745)
spouse: Lowden, Alice
- m. 1748

Hiatt, William (1735 - 1834)
b. 28 NOV 1735 in Orange, Virginia
d. 28 NOV 1834 in Henry, Indiana

father: Hiatt, John Jr(1696 - ~1764)
mother: Wilson, Rachel(1698 - ~1746)
spouse: Hodson, Susanna
- m. 20 FEB 1754

Hickerson, Charles
----------child: Hickerson, Elizabeth (1794 - 1872)
Hickerson, Elizabeth (1794 - 1872)
b. 10 JUL 1794 in Virginia
d. 30 JAN 1872 in Fleming County, Kentucky

father: Hickerson, Charles
spouse: Hurst, Fielding J. (1796 - 1833)
- m. 17 FEB 1819 in Fleming County, Kentucky

----------child: Hurst, Nelson (1820 - )
----------child: Hurst, William (~1821 - )
----------child: Hurst, James (1825 - )
----------child: Hurst, Maria (1828 - )
----------child: Hurst, Martha (1829 - 1870)
----------child: Hurst, Charles Hickerson (1831 - 1905)
----------child: Hurst, Monroe (1833 - )
Hicklin, William (1789 - 1857)
b. 17 NOV 1789 in Frankfort, Kentucky
d. 1857 in Ralls county Missouri

spouse: Kenney, Nancy (1802 - 1882)
- m. 20 MAY 1828

Higgns, Margaret
spouse: Latta, Scarlett (1819 - )
- m. 19 MAR 1840 in Henderson County, Kentucky

----------child: Latta, Thomas (1851 - 1885)
----------child: Latta, John Marvin (1851 - 1908)
----------child: Latta, Alice
----------child: Latta, William Calloway
----------child: Latta, Jane
Hildreth, Alvin Kenney
father: Hildreth, William(? - 1816)
mother: Kenney, Mary Polly(1779 - )
Hildreth, Dorcus Tabitha
father: Hildreth, William(? - 1816)
mother: Kenney, Mary Polly(1779 - )
spouse: Yarnell, Thomas Jr (1805 - )
- m. 10 OCT 1837 in Danville, Illinois

----------child: Yarnell, James
Hildreth, John
spouse: Dorcas, ?
----------child: Hildreth, William (? - 1816)
Hildreth, John S.
father: Hildreth, William(? - 1816)
mother: Kenney, Mary Polly(1779 - )
Hildreth, Mary Frances (1814 - )
b. 13 OCT 1814 in Bourbon County, Kentucky

father: Hildreth, William(? - 1816)
mother: Kenney, Mary Polly(1779 - )
spouse: McDowell, Archibald (1813 - )
- m. 21 SEP 1837 in Danville, Illinois

Hildreth, William (? - 1816)
d. 3 AUG 1816 in Bourbon County, Kentucky

father: Hildreth, John
mother: Dorcas, ?
His will was probated in the September Court, 1816, and "Administration of estate of William Hildreth is granted Polly Hildreth, the widow and John Crosthwait and Daniel Hildreth, security."
spouse: Kenney, Mary Polly (1779 - )
----------child: Hildreth, Alvin Kenney
----------child: Hildreth, John S.
----------child: Hildreth, William Henry
----------child: Hildreth, Dorcus Tabitha
----------child: Hildreth, Mary Frances (1814 - )
Hildreth, William Henry
father: Hildreth, William(? - 1816)
mother: Kenney, Mary Polly(1779 - )
Hill, Bernard
spouse: Bradley, Dorothy Dorris (1917 - )
- m. 19 MAY 1936 in Overland Park, KS

----------child: Hill, Gloria Jean (private)
Hill, Gloria Jean (private)
father: Hill, Bernard
mother: Bradley, Dorothy Dorris(1917 - )
... Additional Data Private ...
Hite, George Sr (1685 - 1726)
b. 5 DEC 1685 in Bonfeld, Kraichgau, Germany
d. 1726 in Buck County, Pennsylvania
Could be John (Jost. H.Hite (Hiatt) LDS# AFN: 1CRC-XH

spouse: Smith, Mary Lois (1677 - 1745)
- m. 1695 in England

----------child: Hiatt, John Jr (1696 - ~1764)
----------child: Hiatt, George Jr. (1698 - )
----------child: Hiatt, William (1700 - )
----------child: Hiatt, Elisha (~1702 - )
----------child: Hiatt, Mary (~1703 - )
Hobbs, Beatrice
spouse: Dyer, Marshall Thompson (1869 - )
Hodson, Susanna
spouse: Hiatt, William (1735 - 1834)
- m. 20 FEB 1754

Hogshead, Margaret
spouse: Frame, John (~1723 - 1750)
- m. ABT. 1740 in Augusta County, VA

----------child: Frame, David (~1741 - )
----------child: Frame, William (~1745 - ~1812)
----------child: Frame, Mary (1747 - 1796)
----------child: Frame, John (~1748 - ~1803)
----------child: Frame, Andrew (~1750 - )
Holeman, Josephine
b. in Union, KY

father: Holeman, Philip John
mother: Johnson, Nancy
Name may be Josephine Holeman.
spouse: Dyer, George W. (1819 - ~1846)
- m. in Union, KY

----------child: Dyer, Armanda (1842 - )
----------child: Dyer, James (1844 - )
----------child: Dyer, Sallie Sarah (1846 - )
Holeman, Philip John
spouse: Johnson, Nancy
----------child: Holeman, Josephine
Holloway, Dianna (? - 1865)
d. 1865

spouse: Thompson, Elias (~1791 - )
- m. 24 JAN 1812

Holloway, Susanna (? - 1847)
d. 18 AUG 1847

spouse: Thompson, Armistead
- m. 29 DEC 1812 in Fauquier Co., Virginia

----------child: Thompson, George
----------child: Thompson, Landy
----------child: Thompson, Perlina
----------child: Thompson, Buckner
----------child: Thompson, Garner
----------child: Thompson, Mildred
----------child: Thompson, Louisa
Holman, Billie Naylor (private)
... Additional Data Private ...
Holmes, Caty
spouse: Emmons, Elijah B (1775 - )
- m. 18 MAR 1798 in Fauquier County, Virginia

HomesThomas, Charlotte
spouse: Emmons, James
- m. 25 DEC 1799 in Fauquier County, Virginia

Hopkins, Mary
spouse: Patton, John
- m. 29 AUG 1786 in (Rockingham County Records)

Hopper, William J.
spouse: Daulton, Emma Moriene (1915 - )
- m. 17 JAN 1945

Horton, Sallie
b. in Bourbon County, KY

spouse: Houston, Abner
----------child: Houston, Arbell
----------child: Houston, James
House, Amanda
father: House, Willoughby P.
mother: Dyer, America(1843 - )
House, Boy
father: House, Willoughby P.
mother: Dyer, America(1843 - )
House, Greene
father: House, W. P.
mother: Dyer, Susan(1852 - )
House, Hardin
father: House, W. P.
mother: Dyer, Susan(1852 - )
House, James
father: House, Willoughby P.
mother: Dyer, America(1843 - )
House, Mary Ann (1868 - )
b. 12 AUG 1868

father: House, W. P.
mother: Dyer, Susan(1852 - )
House, Nellie
father: House, W. P.
mother: Dyer, Susan(1852 - )
House, Thomas
father: House, W. P.
mother: Dyer, Susan(1852 - )
House, W. P.
His name may be Willoughby Presley House, the same man who married America Dyer.
spouse: Dyer, Susan (1852 - )
----------child: House, Mary Ann (1868 - )
----------child: House, Greene
----------child: House, Thomas
----------child: House, Nellie
----------child: House, Hardin
House, Willoughby P.
spouse: Dyer, America (1843 - )
- m. 1860

----------child: House, James
----------child: House, Amanda
----------child: House, Boy
Houston, Abner
father: Houston, James
mother: Alexander, Nancy
The third married Sallie Horton, of Bourbon, emigrated to Cass County, Mo.; was a well-to-do farmer, died in his eighty-fifth year, leaving two living children; Arbell and James.
spouse: Horton, Sallie
----------child: Houston, Arbell
----------child: Houston, James
Houston, Alford
father: Houston, Peter
mother: Lucky, Mary
Alford married Jane Smith, was a farmer in Monroe County, Ind., died at seventy-two, leaving several children.
spouse: Smith, Jane
Houston, Arbell
father: Houston, Abner
mother: Horton, Sallie
Houston, Carey
father: Houston, Peter
mother: Lucky, Mary
Carey married Jane Campbell, emigrated to Monroe County, Ind., lived the life of a farmer, died at seventy-five and left several children;

Houston, Harvey
father: Houston, Peter
mother: Lucky, Mary
Harvey married Ibba Hamilton, located in Monroe County, Ind., was a successful farmer, and died at seventy-two years of age leaving three children
spouse: Hamilton, Ibba
Houston, James
b. in Dublin, Ireland

father: Houston, Samuel(1731 - )
mother: Hamilton, Miss
spouse: Alexander, Nancy
----------child: Houston, Levy (? - 1849)
----------child: Houston, James
----------child: Houston, Samuel
----------child: Houston, Abner
Houston, James
father: Houston, James
mother: Alexander, Nancy
They moved to Lawrence County, IN , lived a successful life as a farmer until he was 85 years of age, and died leaving a large family of children in his adopted county.
spouse: Alexander, Rachael
Houston, James
father: Houston, Abner
mother: Horton, Sallie
Houston, James H. (? - 1849)
d. 1 MAY 1849
Double listed LDS file CPJR-JD and TH5C-PJ.
spouse: Kenney, Abigal B. (1801 - 1856)
- m. 8 JAN 1824 in Bourbon County, Kentucky

Houston, John
father: Houston, Peter
mother: Lucky, Mary
John emigrated to Tennessee, married, was a prosperous farmer, and died in his eightieth year, leaving several children.

Houston, Levy (? - 1849)
d. 1 MAY 1849

father: Houston, James
mother: Alexander, Nancy
His name might have been James Houston. (CLB)

The second son married Abbie Kenney, sister of the late Victor Kenney of Bourbon; he was for many years a Magistrate of Bourbon, lived a successful farmer and merchant at Ruddel's Mills, and died at eighty years of age, leaving no children.

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholes Counties, Kentucky, Ed by William Henry Perrin, O.L. Baskin + Co., Chicago, 1882, p. 539.

spouse: Kenney, Abigal B. (1801 - 1856)
- m. 8 JAN 1824

Houston, Peter
father: Houston, Samuel(1731 - )
mother: Hamilton, Miss
Peter Houston, the other pioneer, was a remarkable man. He was born Nov. 15, 1765; and although yet in his teens he joined his father in the Revolutionary war, and did good service during the last two years of that fearful conflict. He was tall and commanding in person, was highly endowed and liberally educated. And after his location in Bourbon, he devoted all his spare time to reading and search, especially in matters of religion, being as was his brother James a devoted Presbyterian. And so close was his application and so vast was his memory, that at forty years of age he could repeat from memory almost the entire Bible. And in 1801, when the Reformer, Barton Warren Stone, began his great revival at Cane Ridge he was one of the first to accept the new doctrine; he renounced Presbyterianism and was immersed by Stone, as was his brother James. Thence, from house to house he visited and exhorted his fellowmen to join in the reformation, and thus greatly swelled the ranks of the reformers; he was also instrumental in building the meeting-house, still standing, and called "Old Cane Ridge" on the spot where the Reformer held his great revival meeting. He helped to cut, hew, haul and build the logs used in that far-famed edifice.

In politics he was a Whig, and an uncompromising emancipationist, freeing his own servants and refusing to receive several that came to him by inheritance. And when Kentucky declared in favor of her second constitution, he canvassed the county urging the citizens to instruct their delegates to abolish slavery in their new constitution and made hundreds of converts to his policy. But it failed in the convention.

After a long and useful life, he and his wife died in their ninety-first year; he never wore spectacles, and, at his death had lost but one tooth and that was kicked out when a boy, by firing a musket at a wild turkey. At his death he left six children, all sons, viz: John, Carey, Richard, Harvey, Alford, and Samuel.

In conclusion, Peter Houston is authority for saying that the name Houston was originally spelled Houe-son, and later Houseton, and still later Houston, and that some branches of the family had, in his day, still further abridged it to Huston; that other names had been similarly changed, resulting ins some instances in forfeiture of estates, legatoes being unable to reconcile the spelling of their names with that of the legators. Such changes should not be made without acts of legislation, to which posterity can appeal.

spouse: Lucky, Mary
----------child: Houston, Samuel (1781 - )
----------child: Houston, Richard
----------child: Houston, Harvey
----------child: Houston, Alford
----------child: Houston, Carey
----------child: Houston, John
Houston, Richard
father: Houston, Peter
mother: Lucky, Mary
Richard married Rachel Smith, located in Bloomington, Ind., was a mechanic, and died at seventy-four, leaving children.
spouse: Smith, Rachael
Houston, Samuel (1731 - )
b. 1731 in Dubllin, Ireland
Samuel Houston was Scotch-Irish, and was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1731; he emigrated to America in 1751, and located in Shenandoah County, Va., where her married a Miss Hamilton. In 1763 he emigrated to Iredell County, N. C., and when war was declared against the mother country, he enlisted as a soldier and served to the end, receiving many wounds, but was never a prisoner. He lived to be ninety-nine years old and died leaving four sons and three daughters, viz: Peter, James, Robert Samuel, Prudence, Sarah and Jane.
spouse: Hamilton, Miss
----------child: Houston, Peter
----------child: Houston, James
Houston, Samuel (1781 - )
b. 5 MAR 1781

father: Houston, Peter
mother: Lucky, Mary
Samuel alone, of the six brothers, remained in Bourbon. He was a remarkable man and widely known. He was born in 1781, March 5, he was tall and dignified, was talented and well educated, and had a wonderful memory, he could read a page or hear a speech and repeat, either, from memory almost verbatim. His father educated him for the ministry and then placed him under the care and tutorage of the Reformer Barton Stone. But one year of application convinced him, as well as his tutor, that his tact was not theological. He possessed wonderful pantomime and mimic qualities, and his descriptive powers were grand. These qualities inclined him to the stage, and he was prevented from adopting the dramatic profession with the greatest difficulty by his father. He then married Morning Adams, daughter of John Adams; who was an immigrant from Maryland, and claimed to be a near relative of John Adams, the president, for whom he was named.

After his marriage, his father placed him on a small farm, that he might try his hand in agriculture. At this he labored during cropping seasons, and devoted the remainder of his time in executing any and all jobs he could engage from his neighbors; and so apt was he in architecture that he learned to complete a house in all its parts, stone work, carpentering, plastering and painting, and did so complete many; he helped to build the old Paris jail, and the bridge there across the Stoner.

Like his father, he was a Whig and emancipationist and a member of the Christian Church. When the war of 1812 came on, he volunteered his services, but the day before his company was to march, a messenger came informing him that his oldest child was very ill, when he was permitted to substitute Jerry Terry in his place, and reached home just in time to see his child die.

In 1827, he sold his farm, with a view to going West, but having ruptured a blood vessel in his lungs, he remained on rented land, hoping to recover, but finally died at the age of forty-seven, leaving nine children; five sons and four daughters, viz: Jonna, Irena, Pattie, Mary, Washington, John Q. A., Jefferson P., Clinton M, and Franklin W. The two first died single, the third married Delany Yourk, of Indiana, who is a wealthy farmer in Monroe County of that State; Mary married Harrison Parks of Indiana, who is a farmer in La Salle County, Ills.; Washington married Nancy Parker, of Bourbon; and John Q. A., married Rachel Taylor, of Indiana; and both these brothers died ministers of the Christian Church in Illinois; Jefferson P., married Sarah A. Holtzman, of Bloomington, Ind., and is now a farmer and a breeder of short-horn cattle, in Livingston County, Ills.; and Franklin W., married Fannie L. Simpson, whose father, Levi Simpson, and whose mother Nancy Priest, that was come to Bourbon from Shenandoah County, Va., in 1780. He still remains the only Houston in Bourbon of the old families. Franklin W. was born in 1818, Sept. 22; completed his education at Indiana State University in 1840, and studied law with a view to its practice, but his health having failed, he was advised by his physician to abandon the law and engage in agriculture, which advice he heeded. And by cultivating the soil and trading largely in mules and cattle, he succeeded in securing a comfortable home upon which he now lives, near the homestead of his grandfather, the old pioneer. And still, at the age of sixty-three years, he is devoted to his farm, and is a breeder of Durham cattle and Cotswold sheep. He has always been, and still is, with all his family, a member of the Christian Church, and was for many years, previous to the war, a regular lecturer to the congregation of North Middletown. He was eight years one of the magistrates of the county, and has ever been a devoted friend of common schools and colleges, and had done much, and given much, to advance educational interests. He is also an advocate of internal improvement and was chiefly instrumental in having inaugurated the Bourbon plan of macadamizing public roads, and contributed liberally for that purpose; he was also written considerably for the press, both political and religious, and on a variety of topics, and in all respects has ever been identified with the interests of his county and State. Thrice was he nominated by the Republican party as a candidate for the State Legislature, and twice made the race, but the Democratic party being largely in the majority he was defeated. Mr. H. [sic] has eight children, viz: Nannie M., who married Daniel Boone, a farmer of Bedford, Ind., and a near relative of the renowned pioneer; French W., who married Fannie Wofford, of Tennessee, and now lives in Lonoke, Ark., trading in cattle and hogs to Little Rock; Larua E., who married Dr. Albert G. Craig, of Ghent, Ky., now a physician in Vevay, Ind.; Fannie L., who married Henry C. Stone, of Bourbon, a farmer in the Flat Rock Precinct; Richard M., who married Ella Young, of Platte City, Mo., and is a merchant in Humboldt, Kas.; Jefferson who is single and is with his father; Quene, who married Joseph Rion, of Paris, Ky., and lives with her parents; and last is Joseph Daniel, who is single, and is practicing law in Winfield, Kan. This is a promising young man; he was educated at Kentucky University and the Law College of Cincinnati; he is talented and education, commanding in person and impressive in manner, and his friends predict for him a bright future. Already, though but twenty-three years of age, he has won a wide notoriety by his eloquent, pointed and successful advocacy in several important cases at the bar. All of W. H.'s children are educated, and members of the Christian Church.

spouse: Adams, Morining
Houston, Samuel
father: Houston, James
mother: Alexander, Nancy
The fourth and last married Mary Foster, lived on Cane Ridge until his sixty-sixth year, a prosperous farmer, and died childless.
spouse: Foster, Mary
Howard, Cornelius
spouse: Griggs, Sarah (~1800 - )
Howard, Sarah Sallie (1802 - 1882)
b. 1802
d. 1882

spouse: Leer, Henry (1797 - 1860)
- m. 21 APR 1822

Hubbard, William
spouse: Dyer, Mary (1781 - 1852)
Hughes, David
spouse: Frame, Mary (1747 - 1796)
Hughes, Rebecca
spouse: Brookshire, Jesse
----------child: Brockshire, Rebecca (~1779 - 1851)
Hughes, Willis Wright
spouse: Dyer, John Thomas (1863 - )
Hull, ?
spouse: Keith, Barbara Ann
----------child: Hull, Adam (1754 - 1836)
Hull, ?
spouse: Keister, Sarah
Hull, Adam (1754 - 1836)
b. 1754 in Augusta, Virginia
d. 1836 in Pendleton, West Virginia

father: Hull, ?
mother: Keith, Barbara Ann
spouse: Keister, Esther
Hull, George (1757 - 1849)
b. 15 OCT 1757
d. 1849

spouse: Keister, Hannah (1756 - 1834)
Hume, John (1752 - 1824)
b. 1752
d. 24 MAY 1824

spouse: Patton, Esther (1769 - 1856)
Humphrey, Thomas
spouse: Leer, Mary

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