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Life is a series of new beginnings. This page is dedicated to those who have been victimized by the disease of addiction. Perhaps a suffering fellow traveler will find his or her path to recovery and to a life and "Adventure" beyond their wildest dreams. The gift of sobriety has given me a new life. I will never be able repay the debt I owe to the members of Twelve Step programs, friends and my family who loved me until I could love myself.

Addiction ... Bondage

Self Portrait Of A 17 Year Old Alcoholic And Drug Addict
I'm Your Disease
The Sunset Of Miss Heroin
My Name Is Cocaine

Recovery *** Hope *** Freedom
If God Spoke To Twelve Step Programs
Serenity Prayer
The "A.A." Way
The Twelve Promises Of AA
The Twelve Promises Of CoDA
Footprints I and II
T'was The Night Before Rehab
Declaration Of Self-Esteem
Guardian Angel


AA World Services
The official web site for Alcoholics Anonmymous World Wide Services Inc. Information, Facts, Central Offices and Intergroups.
Recovery Online
Online self help groups and other recovery links.
PA District #35 Home Page
A meeting list of the area is included.
The Codependency Chat Home Page
Information about on line CoDA chats and Meetings
Our CoDA Organization

The official web site for the Codependents Anonymous national organization, including info and links to CoDA World Services, CoRe Publications, and Co--NNECTIONS. Though the site is still under construction, a CoDA meeting locator is available now.
Dr.Bob's House
The web site for Dr.Bob's House and information on Founders's Day. It is maintained by volunteers of The Founders Foundation, Akron, Ohio.
A wonderful place to visit in order to gain peace and insight.
Angel Lady's Web Wanders
An excellent resource on addiction and recovery, including 12 Step Study Guides. A must site to visit.

Shippensburg, PA
This is where I live.

This page is neither endorsed nor approved by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. or Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc. It is part of my recovery to reach out to the suffering alcoholic, addict or codependent. My thanks to those persons, who prefer to remain anonymous, who provided some information and technical support for this page. My prayers are with you.

Is YOUR time running out? Are YOU sick and tired of being "sick and tired?"

20 Questions to help you make up your mind.

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Please feel free to give me feed back or suggestions. This page is constantly under construction, so please check back for updates. Thanks.

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