Treatment Protocol for Cancer
with Biological Medicine

by Prof. Dr. Karl Horst Poehlmann, PhD

About the Author
Born in Germany. Dr Poehlmann holds a Phd in Medicine - having researched the effects of radiation in cervix cancer. He is also knowledgeable in Ayurveda (Indian system of medicine). Currently Dr Poehlmann lives in Australia.

In most of the countries of the so called western world, every second person is expected to be diagnosed with cancer and the predictions for the future speak of 2 out of 3 persons!

The widespread approach to treat the disease is operation, radiation and chemotherapy. Considering the results, compared to no treatment, there seems to be no evidence that this approach works. The basic problem of the present days attempted treatments is the fact, that the tumour is seen as being the disease and nobody seems to ask why the body allows the tumour to grow in the first place. Yet, the cause of the disease is well known since around 1935. The American researcher Royal Rife discovered that the development of the malignant growth depends on the general toxicity of the body. He could isolate from hundreds of tumour samples a virus he called the BX virus. With the help of an extremely powerful microscope (developed by him) he was able to demonstrate that this virus was nothing but an adaptation of the common Escherischia coli. Just by altering the toxicity of the medium by 2 parts per million, E. coli became Salmonella lyphi. Further increase in toxicity transformed it into Mycobacterium tuberculosum and when the host became even more toxic, it changed into yeast forms. The next step was the BX virus. More toxicity caused a transformation into the BY virus which he found in sarcomas. Unfortunately Royal Rife was caught in the quarrel between the filtrationists and the non filtrationists. He could prove that he was able to cure all his patients. One day he got a delegation from the AMA who wanted to buy the exclusive rights for his treatments and when he refused, mysteriously his laboratories burnt down and he became involved in a staged court case that caused him to psychologicaly break down. (For further details read the book : The cancer cure that worked - 50 years of suppression by Barry Lynes)

It is therefore quite clear that cancer is a general disease of the body and the tumour is only a symptom. As it is caused by general high toxicity, local treatment cannot work. The French born researcher Gaston Naessens, now living in Canada, could demonstrate that from a certain size on, the tumour produces a substance that inhibits the immune system. Reducing the tumour size (eg. by operation) will let the immune system recover and therefore the patient will show some improvement in his health. But as the disease that caused the growth of the tumour in the first place was not treated, new tumours will grow after some time, usually 3-5 years. To every thinking person it is quite clear that cancer producing "therapies" like radiation and more so chemotherapy cannot possibly work. Dr. Ulrich Abel from the Univeristy of Heidelberg, Germany, evaluated all available medical statistics until the 1st quarter 1995 about chemo "therapy". He could prove beyond doubt that in advanced epithelical cancer, chemotherapy is totaly ineffective, not to talk about the suffering the patient goes through with this approach. Positive results [excepting of course pharmeceutical company profits ] are, at the best, wishful thinking or "correlated"statistics. (Ulrich Abel Chemotherapy of advanced epithelial cancer, Hippokrates Verlag, Stuttgrat, Germany, ISBN-3-773-0996-6). To my knowledge the new edition from September 1995 is not yet translated into English but the results are exactly the same. The few graphs from his book say more than words, the results in other sorts of cancers are very similar.

Because of the discouraging effects of the standard therapies, other treatments were evaluated. Unfortunately, most of our patients came after they were severely weakened up by conventional therapies, were given up as hopeless and sent home to die. This is not the place to go into the details about the proper treatment of cancer and how to avoid the disease in the first place. We had to deal with the patients in the state how they came to see us.

The famous Swiss teacher Rudolf Steiner, founder of the anthroposophist movement, suggested once to use mistletoe (Viscum Album) for the treatment of cancer. Unfortunately he only suggested to use a preparation made from summer and winter plants without any further instructions. The mistletoe is a plant that grows on certain trees as a parasite. The plant does not have roots but grows like a tumour into the branch where it receives all of its nourishment. It is interesting to note that it does not grow on healthy trees and when all mistletoe plants are removed from a tree, the tree usually dies. There are many different preparation from mistletoe on the market. Many of them are adulterated by various extraction methods or even worse, standardized by mixing various extracts from different varieties to get a constant content of mistletoe lectin A. We believe that we should not alter nature and we therefore use only one variety in one ampoule, harvested at different times of the year and blended together. But there are different preparations available from different mistletoe varieties, depending on the tree the plant grew on. Experience showed that certain varieties of cancer seem to respond better to a particular type of mistletoe. As mentioned before, we never use mixtures of different varieties. The extracts are purely water based, using rhythmic principles for extraction. No centrifuges or high pressure pressing is used. The extracts came from the whole plant. We use ISOREL (VYSOREL) , a product of Novipharm , Austria , which is a carefully made Mistletoe preparation.

ISOREL/VYSOREL 60 can be given either s.c, i.m or as an intravenous drip in 250ml of 0.9% saline. As we are mainly dealing with advanced forms, the intravenous drip was used as a rule. We generally used the following scheme of Infusion Therapy:

1st week:Monday(2)Wednesday(4)Friday(6)
2nd week:Monday(8)Wednesday(10)Friday(12)
3rd week:Monday(14)Wednesday(16)Friday(18)
4th week:Monday(20)Wednesday(18)Friday(16)
5th week:Monday(14)Wednesday(12)Friday(10)
6th week:Monday(8)Wednesday(6)Friday(4)
Note: The numbers within bracket indicate the number of ampoules. The ampoules are given in 250ml 0.9% saline (NaCl) over a period of 90-120 minutes. ISOREL is named as VYSOREL in Germany.

Anaphylactic reactions are extremely seldom, the intraculaneus tests do not represent the reactions to i.v. application. But it is wise to have Calcium or Tavagil (Antihistamine) easily available. We never saw a severe reaction but to have Hydrocortisone handy might be good. In 200 patients there were only 2 who showed some asthmoid reaction and they were those who had received extensive raditaion and chemo.

Then the cycle starts again until stabilization is achieved. Before we started with the mistletoe (Viscum Album), we gave a 10 days pre-treatment as follows:

This approach proved to be very successful and many of our patients showed considerable improvement, the quality of life was much better and the level of pain greatly reduced. It must be noted that as mentioned above, most patients were considered terminal.

Considering the proven uselessness of Chemotherapy, the tremendous suffering of the patients and the enormous costs, mistletoe (Viscum album) is practically free of serious side effects and more effective. It should therefore be considered the drug of first choice in the treatment of malignant diseases.

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