From the November 3rd News:

'Melrose' Veterans Get
Blended for ABC Family

(Wednesday, November 03 11:35 AM)

LOS ANGELES - Rob Estes and Josie Bissett, who starred together for years on FOX's "Melrose Place" and have been married for more than a decade, will appear together in the ABC Family original movie "Blended."

The comedy, like "The Brady Bunch" plus two, features the two attractive thespians as single parents who marry in Vegas on a whim and have to bring together their eight children as a dysfunctional blended family. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lyndsy Fonseca ("Boston Public") will also star.

The project comes from a script by Stu Krieger ("Tru Confessions") and is currently shooting in Toronto with Steve Robman ("Love Rules!") at the helm. "Blended," executive produced by Jana Sue Memel and produced by Kevin Laffery, will air in February.

Estes and Bissett married in 1992 and they have two children together. While Bissett has mostly dropped out of sight in recent years, Estes has appeared on "Suddenly Susan" and "Providence" and appeared in the original pilot for FOX's "North Shore," before being replaced by James Remar.

I'm assuming Lyndsy will play Rob's daughter because in real life Josie would have barely turned 16 when Lyndsy was born. That's not the kind of thing you'd want to show on the Family Channel.

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