From the October 8th News:

Same City, Less 'Sex' for Davis
on 'Will & Grace'

(Friday, October 08 08:14 AM)

LOS ANGELES - Former "Sex and the City" star Kristin Davis is set to help "Will & Grace" kick off the November sweeps.

Davis, who was nominated for an Emmy this year for her role on the HBO series, will guest-star on the NBC sitcom Thursday, Nov. 4, playing a woman named Nadine who is best friends with Will's (Eric McCormack) new boyfriend, Vince (Bobby Cannavale).

Will and Grace (Debra Messing), figuring that Vince and Nadine have a relationship just like theirs, invite them to dinner. They find, however, that their guests are pretty much the exact opposite of themselves.

Davis played the prim and proper Charlotte York -- who, incidentally, also had a gay best friend in Mario Cantone -- on "Sex and the City." The "Will & Grace" guest spot is her second role since the show ended its run in February; she also starred in the TNT movie "The Winning Season" last spring.

The actress also signed a deal with HBO this summer to develop a new series.

So Nadine and Vince aren't so-annoying-that-you'd-want-to-wring-their-necks-until-their-eyes-pop-out?

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