From the July 29th News:

Fahey and Zuniga Have 'American Dreams'

LOS ANGELES Direct-to-video action legend Jeff Fahey and "Melrose Place" vixen Daphne Zuniga are coming to NBC's "American Dreams" in recurring roles this fall.

Fahey, whose credits include such testosterone heavy pics as "Hijack" and "Operation Delta Force" and "The Last of the Finest," will play a military operative who has dealings with Will Estes' JJ Pryor. Fahey has been seen on the small screen on "The Marshal" and in an episode of "Crossing Jordan" earlier this season.

In a casting choice bound to make a lot of people feel really old, Zuniga will play the Pryors' new neighbor and the mother of a rebellious teen played by Milo Ventimiglia ("Gilmore Girls"). In addition to her run as JoBeth Reynolds on "Melrose," Zuniga is beloved from "Gross Anatomy," "Spaceballs" and "The Sure Thing."

I remember The Sure Thing. Funny movie. Great soundtrack. And Daphne bared her breasts.

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