From the June 25th News:

'Mummy' Star Joins 'UC: Undercover'

LOS ANGELES - "The Mummy Returns" star Oded Fehr has joined the cast of the NBC action drama "UC: Undercover," according to trade sources.

The actor, who just wrapped a deal to star in the fall series, will come aboard in the second episode playing a by-the-book FBI agent who segues from running the bureau's hostage rescue team to heading up the show's unconventional unit.

Given the actor's success in films like "The Mummy" and "Deuce Bigalow," series creator Shane Salerno called Fehr's hire "a pretty cool thing."

"This doesn't happen, landing a guy off a $200 million movie," Salerno tells Variety. "It was a very long seduction process."

Salerno calls Fehr "a fresh face for TV. He's an intense actor with incredible weight and vulnerability. And he's got the rarest of qualities: Women want to be with him and men want to be his best friend."

Fehr fills the hole left by the departure of original star Grant Show, who stars as the team leader in "UC's" pilot. Show's character will be eliminated after the first episode.

Fehr also appeared in the TV miniseries "Cleopatra" and "Arabian Nights."

From headliner to being written off in the first episode. That must suck.

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