From the July 15th TV Guide Online:

TV Icons Do ABC Bash

As the Television Critics Assoc. press tour continues in L.A., so do Party Boy's wild nights on the TCA circuit. On Tuesday, ABC threw a star-studded cocktail party in Century City. While it lacked cool roller-coaster rides like NBC's bash, the Alphabet shindig did boast an impressive talent turnout...

Mingling his way through the crowd, Party Boy could scarcely turn around without bumping into a TV star. Seriously. I actually tripped over Sports Night's Felicity Huffman, who was busily talking up her role in this fall's Desperate Housewives. Oops!

The Desperate dream cast includes alumni from another splashy nighttime soap, Melrose Place. In fact, Marcia Cross (Crazy Kimberly) and Doug Savant (Gay Matt) are both in it. Savant's real-life wife, Laura Leighton (Slutty Sydney), also came as his date. "It's a regular Melrose reunion here," Savant laughed, adding that he remembers Matt's feud with Kimberly very fondly. "I hope I'll get to pull Marcia Cross's wig off her head in Housewives, too!" By the way, Leighton's fall gig is ABC's Eyes.

Speaking of soapy memories, Party Boy spotted that perennial TV hunk, Ted McGinley. His 1986 Dynasty story line with Heather Locklear where Clay married Sammy Jo and divorced her shortly afterward just re-ran on SoapNet! I was so tempted to go up and reminisce with him, and yet I restrained myself, fearing I'd gush too much or, worse, make him feel old. That said, Teddy still looks damn good at 46. And still has a smile that's almost winning enough to make me like Hope & Faith.

Crazy Kimberly and Gay Matt together again. I can't wait!

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