From the September 12th TV Guide:


STARRING Blair Underwood, Heather Locklear (pictured), Wendy Hoopes, Frank John Hughes, Paul Leyden, David Paetkau

Turbulence ahead

THE SETUP: When the director of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) com­mits suicide by standing in front of a jet as it lands, it sets off a power struggle. The not-­so-friendly rivals: aggressive runway chief Harley Random (Locklear) and cocky terminal boss Roger De Souza (Underwood).
THE TWIST: Guess who had a three-martini fling once upon a time?
WE SAY: We understand why NBC wants a Las Vegas clone, but there's a big difference between watching pretty people in a casino and being stranded with them in an airport, which just seems terminally silly. We've spent more enjoyable hours in baggage claim.
THE OUTLOOK: Locklear's golden touch at rescuing series (Melrose Place, Spin City) faces a tough test in this feeble drama, which appears grounded from the get-go.

Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood are the sexiest stars to hit the runway this fall.
So what are your thoughts about taking off...everything?
SHE SAYS: There will always be [sexual] tension, but I don't think we'll ever see that. I always say once Rhoda got married, the show was over.
What about your characters' hush-hush romantic history?
HE SAYS: We've got a pretty good idea. We're just not sure how they did it.
SHE SAYS: Apparently I did something "special.”

Even though it was awful, the show got pretty good ratings last night. It even outperformed Las Vegas. But I predict next week's numbers will be down drastically, especially since CSI: Miami begins its season.

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