From the August 29th TV Guide:


You know 'em, you love 'em,
          you missed 'em—now catch up
                    with the familiar faces returning
     to TV this season


Heather Locklear
That was then: She'll be forever remembered as Melrose Place's megabitch in a miniskirt, ad executrix Amanda Woodward.
This is now: She's playing the steely, stilettoed airfield chief on NBC's LAX, the fantastically named Harley Random.
Between then and now: She showed us the funny on Spin City and Scrubs. (She also filmed a failed sitcom pilot called Once Around the Park.)
What I like about my new character: "She's been through a lot. To be in a man's world, which is what [the airline industry] is, women have come a long way, but they will still have further to go. And this is a good side of a woman to show!"
If the old TV character squared off against the new one, who'd win? "Amanda can manipulate people, but Harley can run her over with a 747. She's more physical. Amanda was just on her back a lot."

LAX premieres Monday, 9/13, 10 pm/ET, on NBC.

If the producers know what's good for the show, Harley should also be on her back a lot.

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