Old stuff about the Seventh Season

Fox announces the 7th season premiere
It's a girl!
More on Alyssa's nudes
Heather assumes a new role on The Place
Kyle's brother shows up at The Place
TV Guide goofed in their report of Frank South's departure
TV Guide talks with Josie Bissett about her return to The Place
Heather lost a role on Three's Company
Soap Opera Digest discusses the demise of the prime-time soap
Josie Bissett explains her departure and return in Woman's Own Magazine
Fox's press release regarding the upcoming episodes of The Place
Why have some Hollywood starlets such as Alyssa Milano forsaken underwear?
How Josie Bissett maintains her stick figure
Laura Leighton will guest star on 90210
Kristin Davis says she was glad Brooke was offed
Steve Wilder from Days will guest on The Place
Take Soap Opera Digest's "Ultimate Melrose Quiz"
Soap Opera Digest reviews Peter and Amanda's romance
More speculation that The Place will be cancelled from Soap Opera Update
Star previews the upcoming season
Heather is jealous of Jennifer Lopez's L'Oreal commercials
Brooke Langton says she was glad to be written off The Place
Heather can't get fat
More on Steve Wilder's new character
Soap Opera Update now says The Place may not be cancelled
Josie Bissett talks about Jane
Kelly Rutherford says she's not leaving The Place
Soap Opera Digest previews "The Summer of Love"
A little about the actress who played Beth, Peter's dead wife
Some women of The Place looking very floral
More on Steve Wilder's character and Kyle's brother has been cast
Rena Sofer will guest star on The Place
Lisa Rinna talks to the LA Times about her Playboy pictorial
My comments on the July 27th episode
Los Angeles Times article about the new & improved Place
Kelly Rutherford talks to the LA Daily News about the new & improved Place
Lisa Rinna's Playboy pictorial
My comments on the August 3rd episode
Soap Opera Digest article about Spelling hiring soap stars
TV Guide Online says Shirley Jones will play Megan's mom
Soap Opera Update says there's gonna be another death
Lisa Rinna tells Soap Opera Update why she left The Place
Jack Wagner talks about his relationship with his wife
Laura Leighton and Doug Savant at the premiere of "Out of Sight"
Memo to the cast & crew
Call sheet for the August 3rd filming day
Advanced shooting schedule for "Not Quite All About Eve"
Heather and Josie are feuding
My comments on the August 10th episode
Soap Opera Magazine article about Rena Sofer
Entertainment Weekly says The Place will most likely be cancelled
Us reveals Rob Estes workout routine
Heather held off having another baby to save The Place
Rena Sofer talks to Soap Opera Digest
My comments on the August 17th episode
Aaron Spelling talks about his shows and his kids
Rena talks about her luck and Heather about her raging hormones
Soap Opera Digest's spoilers for the fall
Oh no! Amanda's in trouble
Why Laura Leighton left Spelling's employ and why she's back
The Place gets a new look
Soap Opera Update reports on Rena Sofer's newfound job
The latest in celeb diets
Heather Locklear is one of the Top 10 Kickass Babes
My comments on the August 24th episode
David James Elliott was considered for the role of Jake
Heather is part Native American
My comments on the August 31st episode
Soap Opera Digest gives the summer episodes a "thumbs up"
Behind the scenes at Lisa Rinna's Playboy party
TV Guide's Fall Preview
Kelly Rutherford goes on a blind date
My comments on the September 7th episode
Entertainment Weekly previews the new fall episodes
Sean Lennon talks about his appearance on The Place
Denise Richards didn't think much of performance on The Place
Anson Williams talks about directing
My comments on the September 14th episode
Entertainment Weekly talks about Josie Bissett's return to The Place
Entertainment Weekly talks about Laura Leighton's debut on 90210
Rob Estes takes his shirt off for Marie Claire Magazine
Heather and Josie's hair through the years
Soap Opera Digest interviews Steve Wilder
My comments on the September 21st episode
Steve Wilder talks to Soap Opera Digest again
My comments on the September 28th episode
Laura Leighton spoke to KTTV News
Find out where Laura, Courtney, Lisa and Kristin walk their dogs
The October 6th Star profiles Josie Bissett
Take a look at The Place's 200th episode celebration
Soap Opera Digest gives The Place's summer episodes mixed reviews
Will Jack Wagner return to General Hospital?
Lisa Rinna says she has no problem with baring her breasts
Alison and Jo together again... well, not really
In-depth interview of Rena Sofer from Soap Opera Digest
Soap Opera Digest handicaps Michael and Jane's romance
Aaron Spelling is honored by his alma mater
My comments on the October 19th episode
Brooke and Aaron are still buddies
How Andrew Shue is keeping himself busy
Sex on The Place
Jamie Luner sheds most of her clothes for Gear magazine
Heather talks about marriage, Melrose and making babies
Jane Mancini, psycho on the loose
My comments on the October 26th episode
What are Linden Ashby and Scott Plank up to?
My comments on the November 2nd episode
Kelly Rutherford talks to Soap Opera Update
Shirley Jones irks her PAC
My comments on the November 9th episode
Sotheby's is auctioning props and art from The Place
Spelling Entertainment might be for sale
Josie Bissett talks to Cosmo
John Haymes Newton and Scott Plank talk to Soap Opera Update
Heather fills in for Newt Gingrich
Jack Wagner and Jamie Luner seen around town
My comments on the November 16th episode
Would you hire Michael Mancini?
Soap Opera Digest plays 20 questions with Steve Wilder
Kin Shriner talks about the small part he had on The Place
Soap Opera Digest elects John Haymes Newton one of Soaps' Sexiest Men
Rob Estes shares his most memorable Christmas moment
Fox held a celebrity auction
How the Place gang remains calm
My comments on the November 23rd episode
Laura Leighton answers fans' questions
Courtney Thorne-Smith is engaged
TV Guide creates their own awards show
Soap Opera Update previews the upcoming episodes
Lisa Rinna is wearing Amanda's sheets
My comments on the November 30th episode
Soap Opera Digest talks about Amanda and Eve's secret
Jamie Luner's nude scene
Two new guest stars
Aaron Spelling talks about gay characters he created
Soap Opera Digest says Kyle finally gets sick
A man from Eve's past appears
Rena Sofer tells us what she would do if she were a man for a day
Soap Opera Digest gives Laura Leighton a "thumbs down"
Rena Sofer celebrates her 30th birthday
Kristian Alfonso is wearing Amanda's sheets
Soap Opera Digest speculates on the fate of The Place
Kelly Rutherford tells Cosmo what it's like to be a starlet
Alyssa tells Cosmo about her shows and her boyfriends
Heather, Laura and Alyssa to the rescue
Soap Opera Update tells us what's in store for 1999
What's going on with Rena Sofer, Lisa Rinna and Steve Wilder's love lives
Musicians are popping up all over primetime
My comments for the December 14th episode
Playboy names Heather Locklear one of the top 100 sex stars
Rob Estes directs an episode
My comments for the December 21st episode
Kyle and Ryan get a dad
Soap Opera Digest's roundup of 1998's biggest soap news
1998's Best & Worst in soaps
TV Guide talks to the stars of Charmed
Jamie Luner bails
Heather Locklear gives us a peek at her home
Charles Pratt, Jr. asks for help to save The Place
Behind the scenes of Aaron Spelling's holiday party
The year in review
A look at Eve and Peter's relationship
Soap Opera Digest gives The Place a Thumbs Up
What's in store for 1999
Soap Opera Digest talks to John Haymes Newton again
Faux fur is trendy
Alyssa Milano is one of the "Babes of the WB"
Where you can buy clothes from your favorite shows
Heather talks to USA Weekend
John Haymes Newton tells us what he finds sexy
Alyssa Milano got married
My comments for the January 11th episode
People gives us the details about Alyssa Milano's wedding
The end of The Place is being written
Dr. Gilda Carle analyzes Amanda and Kyle's relationship
My comments for the January 18th episode
Heather Locklear's fast food diet
Globe gives us the details about Alyssa Milano's wedding
The Enquirer gives us the details about Alyssa Milano's wedding
The Place during the February sweeps
Soap Opera Update's report on Jamie Luner's departure
My comments for the January 25th episode
Alyssa goes topless on her honeymoon
Stephanie Cameron tells us more about Nurse Audrey
What's in store for the February sweeps
The Place is cancelled
E!Online's obituary for The Place
The women of The Place in Celebrity Skin
Rob Estes threw Heather Locklear out of bed
TV Guide talks to Jamie Luner about her new WB gig
Josie Bissett is pregnant again
Soap Opera Digest predicted the end of The Place
John Reilly talks about his role as Mac McBride
What's Lisa Rinna been up to since she left The Place
Stephanie Cameron says she loves working with Thomas Calabro
My comments on the February 8th episode
The NY Daily News' obituary for The Place
The Washington Post's obituary for The Place
The Globe's obituary for The Place
TV Guide's obituary for The Place
How does Aaron Spelling feel about the cancellation?
Soap Opera Update's spoilers for the sweeps weeks
Will Rena Sofer or Lisa Rinna return to daytime?
What's hot and what's not on primetime
Jack Wagner's and Rena Sofer's love stories
The story behind Peter and Eve's marriage
Kyle's drugged out behavior gets a thumbs down
How much was Michael's Ferrari worth?
My comments on the February 15th episode
Soap Opera Digest's obituary for The Place
Alexandra Paul pays a visit to The Place
The Megan/Ryan/Lexi love triangle
Soap Opera Digest asks Rena Sofer five questions
Kelly Rutherford in Bikini Magazine
Courtney Thorne-Smith talks to Celebrity Style
More pictures from Alyssa Milano's wedding
Aaron Spelling's hair edict for his stars
Rob Estes talks about his directing effort
Sneak peek of the series finale
My comments on the February 22nd episode
Andrew Shue moves out of Hollywood
Amanda and Kyle are among primetime's hottest couples
Aaron Spelling is a soap actor's best friend
Soap Opera Update says Rena Sofer has rejuvenated The Place
My comments on the March 1st episode
Doug Savant finds a job
Jamie Luner buys a new house
Heather Locklear to join the cast of 90210?
The Place cast members to run for charity
My comments on the March 8th episode
The Wall Street Journal tells us why we watched The Place
Jack Wagner says that directing has brought him added respect
Soap Opera Digest recaps Peter's bout with rage epilepsy
Chris Isaak to perform on The Place
A Place plot worthy of an Oscar nod
James Darren to guest star on The Place
Will Jack Wagner return to General Hospital?
What's the gang going to do once the show is over?
Kelly, Rena and Jack seen around town
No show until April 5th
May "The Force" be with Jamie
More info on the finale
An update on Josie and Rob
Jamie Luner in Maxim
My comments on the Academy Awards
Marcia Cross will not appear in the finale
Heather will move to 90210
Heather will NOT move to 90210
John Haymes Newton talks about the cancellation
James Darren talks about his upcoming role
Art imitates life for Rena Sofer
People salutes Aaron Spelling
Josie Bissett likes to watch
Marcia Cross WILL appear in the finale
Soap Opera Digest gives Kyle tax advice
Star's spoiler for the show's finale
Globe's spoiler for the show's finale
My comments for the April 5th episode
Spoilers for the May episodes of The Place
Chip Hayes sues Spelling
Producers don't like spoilers
Alyssa Milano in Details
My comments for the April 12th episode
Heather Locklear's messy divorce from Tommy Lee
Alexandra Paul talks to Soap Opera Digest
Soap Opera Digest gives Amanda & Kyle a Thumbs Up
Rena Sofer in American Woman Magazine
My comments for the April 19th episode
Josie Bissett's pregnancy & Rob Estes' new job
More on Chip Hayes' lawsuit against Spelling
Scenes from The Place's farewell bash
James Darren originally turned down the Tony Marlin role
James Darren talks to The Globe
Charles Pratt, Jr. talks about the end of The Place
My comments for the April 26th episode
Courtney Thorne-Smith talks about her Almay contract
Two different endings were shot for the finale
TV Guide talks about the finale's funeral scene
Grant Show is dating again
Soap opera pregnancies are complicated
Soap Opera Digest asks nighttime soaps for a reality check
What's going to take the place of The Place?
My comments for the May 3rd episode
Kristin Davis stars in Atomic Train
Goodbye to "beautiful people with weird problems"
Rena Sofer stars in a pilot for ABC
Kimberly's back for the finale
Will Jack Wagner return to GH?
Soap Opera Update's small spoiler for the finale
How the finale was kept secret
TV Times's Place retrospect
My comments for the May 10th episode
More Place props up for auction
NBC's Denver affliate won't be airing Atomic Train
TV Guide's behind-the-scenes peek at the finale
Alyssa Milano in Maxim
Alyssa Milano in Us
My comments for the May 17th episode
Scene-by-scene spoiler for the May 24th episode
Spoiler for the May 24th episode
How shows like The Place have molded the nation's view of L.A.
Are shows like The Place too raunchy for 8 o'clock?
Kristin Davis talks about Atomic Train and Sex in the City
What are former stars of The Place up to?
The Kyle/Amanda/Peter love triangle gets a Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down
Charles Pratt, Jr. talks about the finale
Soap Opera Update's favorite Place moments
My comments for the May 24th episode
The Place is causing eating disorders
The Place's vital statistics
Q&A session with Heather Locklear
Jack Wagner talks about the cancellation
Some Place stars recall some Place memories
Soap Opera Digest's most memorable Place moments
Celebrity Style names Heather one of Hollywood's sexiest sirens
What are you gonna watch now?
My final comments on The Place

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