Will of Bernard Drachman

New York, N.Y. January 8th 1945
Tebeth 23rd, 5705

I, the undersigned, Bernard Drachman, being of sound and disposing mind, hereby declare this my last will and testament. I leave and bequaeth to each of my seven children, Beatrice, Edgar, Julian, Albert, Mathilde, Myron, and Theodore, the sum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) as a sign of love and affection. I trust that they will continue to live in loyalty to the holy Jewish faith in which I have reared them, and especially that they will observe the year of mourning for me and the annual day of memorial, Yahrzeit, by attending at the synagogue, and the recitation of the holy Kaddish prayer. All the rest of my estate, whatever property I die possessed of, I leave and bequeath to my dearly beloved wife, Hadassah Levine Drachman, in loving recognition of the constant affection and devoted care and attention which she extended to me throughout the years of our marriage. I request her to give a certain amount, in acordance with her judgment, to the charitable institutions of Jerusalem and New York. I desire that my earthly remains be interred at the side of my beloved first wife, the mother of my children, Sarah Weil Drachman, with whom I lived in happy wedlock for thirty seven years
I appoint and _____ Hadassah Levine Drachman sole executrix of this my last will and testament to administer it in accordance with its provisions and with full powers to sell or otherwise dispose of any portion of it as she may think proper, these powers to begin thirty days after my demise.

Bernard Drachman


David Allersberg, M. D.
136 E 64th, N. Y. C.

William Rosenberg
650 Crown Street
Bklyn, N. Y.

PLEASE NOTE: I stopped updating the web page around 2001, but I've continued to work on my project. My family history is now in Word document format, with the goal of publishing it once I consider it to be as complete as I'm going to get it. While I'm greatly indebted to those who have assisted me in my research, I'm finding that the demands of everyday life don't allow me to consistently respond to email inquiries. So, I'm offering my most up-to-date volume for sale, at a price of $19. For those interested, it is at 118 pages right now, printed by a laser printer on 8.5x11 32-lb./98 brightness paper, and wire bound. The table of contents, revision history, and index are available at the following links. To order a copy, please email me at [email protected], and I'll send it within 3 days of payment. If you indicate the family line you are interested in, I'll send you a new bound copy if and when I update my research for that line. Thanks,

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