It's Nice To Meet You Get "buzzy" teaching your little ones about manners by making a Miss Bea look-alike. To make one, gather a nine inch orange foam ball, a straw hat, two black pipe cleaners, tow practice golf balls, and black and pink Slick fabric paints. To make Miss Bea's antennae, paint he plastic golf balls black. Fold each pipe cleaner in half and twist it. Insert one end of each pipe cleaner into a golf ball, and the other end into the tope of the straw hat. Paint facial features on the foam ball. When the paint is dry, gently press the ball into the hat. During a group time, bring Miss Bea out for a flyby. Modeling your most appropriate manners introduce Miss Bea to each child by saying,
"Miss Bea, the is (child's name).
(Name), this is Miss Bea Polite.
" Encourage each child to respond by saying,
"It's nice to meet you!:
When all formal introductions have been made, explain to your group that your honored guest has arrived so that your class can learn about manners. Ask volunteers to explain what they think it means to be polite and have them give examples of good manners. If desired, record their examples. Then conclude by reminding the children that Miss Bea will be using her eyes and antennae to watch and listen for good manners in your class room. When she does indeed observe politeness, allow her to buzz a word of praise in that child's ear.
If you'd like your little ones to begin making choices about mannerly behavior, keep this activity in mine. First have each child make a Miss Bea bee puppet. To make one, draw a smiling face on one yellow paper plate and a frowning face on a second plate. Color tow craft stick black. But two small circles from black construction paper; then glue a circle to one end of each craft stick to represent antennae. To the back of one plate, tape the craft stick antennae at the top of the plate. Tape another craft stick to the bottom of the plate for a handle .. Glue the backs of both plates together. When each child has made a puppet, have him use his puppet during this group time activity. Using each of following suggestion, describe a situation in which proper or improper manners were used. Direct each child to display either the happy or sad expression on his puppet to indicate if Miss Bea Polite would approve or disapprove of the behavior.. After using the following suggests, encourage volunteers to contribute scenarios of their own. 1. Beatrice Butterfly said, "Pass the flowers, please"
2. Gracie Grasshopper said, "thank you," when she was given a treat.
3. Bobby Bumblebee bumped his brother off the beehive.
4. Arnie Ant waited his turn in line.
5. Carl Caterpillar crunched quietly.
6. Chrysy Caterpillar chatted with her mouth full.
7. Sammy Spider played with his food.
8. Christopher Cricket chirped wile another cricket was chirping.
9. Casy Cricket chirped, "Excuse me," before interrupting.
10. Lucy Ladybug borrowed a leaf without asking.
This honey of a game will give your little one practice using the magic words "please" and "thank you". In advance, cut honeycomb shape from yellow construction paper, then add details with a marker. Remove Miss Bea Polite's straw hat and place it in a chair that is near, but facing away from your group area. To play, seat the class on the floor. Ask a volunteer to sit in the chair, wear the hat and pretend to be Miss Bea. Place the honeycomb under the chair Ask miss Bea to close her eyes, then quietly choose another child to tiptoe to the chair and take the honeycomb. The child then returns to the group and sits on the honeycomb. As miss bea to open her eyes and face the group. recite this chant:
(Class) Miss Bea Polite, your very sweet. May we please have a honey treat?
(Miss Bea) Miss Bea Polite says, "Yes, you may."
(Class) "Thank you, thank you" we all say.
Give Miss Bea several chances to guess wo took the honeycomb before revealing the child, if necessary. The child who took the honeycomb then becomes Miss Bea. Continue until each child has been queen bee.
Stickers Miss Bea Polite recommends making a batch of stickers to remind youngsters to use good manners. Or use the stickers as rewards for those who make an effort to show exceptional etiquette. Simply use a black marker to draw stripes on a set of yellow dot stickers (the kind like for yardsales---my input ) Encourage a child to press a sticker on his hand or clothing . Your room is sure to be buzzing with "bee-utiful" behavior!
Place a container of Honeycomb cereal in hour housekeeping area along with napkins, small paper plates, and a spoon. Set Miss Bea on the center of the table. Encourage each child to have a seat a the table, obtain a napkin and a plat, and serve himself a spoonful of cereal . Remind youngsters that Miss Bea will be watching for polite table manners.
Tea Party time:Celebrate good manners with a tea part. Discuss the manners that will be necessary at the party. Make honeybuns and have tea. Keep those pinkies out-stretched! LOL
Formal Meal-Practice good manners in the whole setting of a dinner party. Have the children set a proper table, how to hold out a chair for the girls, how to place a napkin on their lap. You can go all out on this or make it very simple. It will give the kids a chance to practice being polite and give them a different type of lunch. In all that we do with children a little change in the routine always seems to keep thigs fresh!

There may be activity/color sheets to go with this lesson.
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