James Minge
Of Wales and Virginia

James Sr. came to Virginia and settled in Charles City Co. The name of this wife is not known. There were at least three of his children who resided in Virginia.

Hon. James Minge, of Martin Brandon Parish, Charles City Co. (now Prince George Co.), VA., came to the Colony in the 17th century from Wales. He owned the estate of "Brandon," on the James River, and made the graveyard there; he served as Clerk of [p.154] the General Assembly in 1673; as a Burgess in 1676; and was a staunch friend of Nathaniel Bacon, "The Rebel;"

Children of James Minge are:

1. James Minge 11, born 1637 Wales
2. Robert Minge born 1640 Wales
Tabitha Minge born 1642 Wale; died 1670. Married (1) Mr. Underwood,(2) Matthew Edloe.

James Minge II
Son of James Minge Sr

James Minge II, was born 1637 in Wales, United Kingdom, and died 1711 in Virginia. He married Amanda Harrison, born 1650 York Co. VA. daughter of Robert.

James of James City Co., served as Clerk of that Co.

Children of James Minge and Amanda Harrison are:

1. Robert Minge, born 1668; married Mary Hunt
2. James Minge III, born 1670 in Charles City, VA
3. Miles O. Minge, born 1673 Charles City
4. Valentine Minge, born 1676 in Charles City, VA, died 1740.
5. John Minge, born 1681

James Minge III
Son of James Minge

James Minge born 1670 VA., when did he decide to move South and with whom? He goes to North Carolina and marries Ruth Lakhers. Is he with the Minge/Harrison/Allen family movement South?

Children of James and Ruth are:

1. Michael Minge born 1695 in Perquimans Co. North Carolina; died 1741. He married Isabell (unknown)
2. Joseph Minge, born about 1698 in Perquimans Co.; died 1751 in Chowan Co. NC. He married Rachel Ward.
3. James Minge IV, born 1700