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1. William Fraser Ford was born in 1820 in England. He died about 1900 in New York ?.

Notes from "American Surgical Instruments, An Illustrated History of their Manufacture and a Directory of Instrument Makers to 1900", By James M. Edmonson, Ph. D.

WF Ford worked for the Sr. Goulding beginning in 1851.

William R. Goulding b. 1805. Arrived in NY before 1838 (listed that year as surgical instrument maker). Goulding & Company was located at 35 Chatham Street from 1826 to at least 1844.

In April 1855 William Goulding Jr., born in 1834, took William F. Ford as a partner. This partnership, however, did not weather the financial uncertainties of the 1850's. In 1857 the firm failed and thereafter the name Goulding disappeared form the domain of instrument making in the US.

William F. Ford, b. 1820, stayed in the surgical instrument business until 1897.

Ford arrived in New York City from Britain in about 1846 as a machinist. He was first listed in the 1847 NY City directories as a machinist, then latter as a silverplater and an electroplater. The electrodeposition of gold and silver upon various metals, (German silver, britanniaware, brass, copper, iron and steel), was the basis for his entry into surgical instrument manufacture. judging from advertisements of the early 1850's Ford's knowledge of this comparatively new technique was the basis for his entry into surgical instrument manufacture. His commitment to the trade remained a bit hesitant in 1854, as suggested by advertisements that still included "Models accurately executed for the patent Office," a trade not normally practiced by surgical instrument makers, among the work he would undertake.

Following the collapse of the venture with William R. Goulding Jr., Ford became an associate of George Wade, a barber who purchased the remaining assets of Goulding and Ford. Wade retained Ford, who was dreamed "a practical mechanic of 1st rate capacity, and in March 1861 the firm officially became Wade and Ford. They ran a steam-powered shops to manufacture surgical and dental instruments as well as syringes and orthopedic appliances and was valued at $39,000 in 1860.

Wade and Ford issued their first trade catalog in 1859 or 1860.

Ford worked in concert with many surgeons to develop instruments that satisfied their particular needs.

Wade and Ford became "instrument makers to the New York, Bellevue, the City Hospitals" in the early 1860s.

Following the Civil War, the partnership of Wade and Ford was dissolved, with George Wade retiring from the Instrument trade.

In March 1866 Wade sold William Ford his interest in their business for the sum of $6,000. Ford found a new partner in George Gilman, who had been employed as a clerk by Wade and Ford , and the company continued as William F. Ford and Company. They operated at the same address, 85 Fulton Street, until 1870.

In 1870, Ford came to an agreement with Shepard and Dudley and began business at 150 William Street. The relationship with Shepard and Dudley soured, however, and in early 1874 Ford found new associates. This time he turned to Caswell, Hazard and Company. At this time Ford created a "Surgical Instrument Department, and under his direction and personal supervision, became instrument maker to St. Luke's, Mt. Sinai, Bellevue, and New York State Woman's Hospital.

In November 1876 Ford fabricated the antiseptic spray apparatus used at Bellevue Hospital by Stephen Smith and James Marion Sims. Previously, surgeons at Bellevue and other hospitals had employed a Lister apparatus brought from Britain.

Ford remained manager of Caswell, Hazard and Company until 1891, when he finally returned to business on his own account, in association with his son, William, Jr. This business was located a6 315 Fifth Avenue and remained there until the end of the century.

William F. Ford; Goulding & Ford; (George) Wade & Ford; William F. Ford & Co.; W.

F. Ford Surgical Instrument Co.

William F. Ford machinist

1847-48: r. 325 Broome

1853: 3 Irving Pl., h. 101 Walker, surgical instrument maker and silverplater.

1854-55: 96

Walker, h. 62 W. 26th , electroplater

Goulding & Ford (William R. Goulding Jr. and William F. Ford) surgical instruments

1855-57: 85 Fulton and 137, 139, 141 Elm ("factory")

Wade & Ford

1857-60: 85 Fulton

Wade & Ford & Co.

1860-66: 85 Fulton

William F. Ford & Co (William F. Ford and George Gilman)

1866-71: 85 Fulton

1872-73: 150 William

1874 Broadway & 24th

William F. Ford

1875-90: 1099 Broadway

W. F. Ford Surgical Instrument Co.

1891-90: 315 Fifth Ave


Listed in the 1869 New York City Directory:

Ford, William F. surg. inst. 85 Fulton, 33 Gold & 58 E. 13th, h N.J.

Listed in the 1890 New York City Directory:

Ford William F. surg insts. 1099 B'way, h 531 Bramhall Ave. J. C. (N.J.)

Unknown Goulding (daughter of William R. Goulding ) was born in New York. William Fraser Ford and Unknown Goulding had the following children:

+2 i. Joseph Robinson Ford.

3 ii. Henry Ford.

+4 iii. William Fraser Ford , Jr.

+5 iv. Robert Ford.



2. Joseph Robinson Ford was born on Dec 17 1870 in Hudson, Columbia Co., New York. He died in 1951 in Travelers Rest, South Carolinas. He Additional Marrages in After retirement at age 65, married: Ethel Wagner, Ninnie Ola Hart, Florence Bennett, Elizebeth. He was buried in Mt. Kisco, Westchester Co, New York. He Additional Residance in Valatie, Columbia Co., New York. He was in Episcopal. This was found in a news paper article titled "The Bronx in History", by John McNamara. (date unknown) and An excerpt from "The Story of American Bank Note Company" by William H. Griffiths and published in 1959

Bank Note Firms Engraver Was 'Master Counterfeiter'

Anyone interested in money (and who isn't?) may find an absorbing hour or two reading William Griffith's "The Story of the American Bank Company."

People who travel abroad, particularly in South America, often remark on the colorful attractiveness of the bank notes they see, not realizing that the paper currency originated right here in the Bronx. The American Bank Note Company has been on Hunts Point for decades, and the presses there still roll off the currency of a half-hundred nations.

The least-publicized man in that closely guarded trade was a master-engraver named Joseph R. Ford. He was referred to as "the honest counterfeiter" and his specialty was a bizarre one: that of testing the security of the bank notes by attempting to counterfeit them.

Mr. Ford spent his working hours in a secluded workshop attempting to duplicate the various currencies that were being run off on the presses. Provided with all the necessary chemicals and photographic equipment, Ford's failures were cause for satisfaction but when he succeeded in counterfeiting the bank notes, it led to subtle changes in design, or tinting or grade of paper to foil any other ambitious counterfeiter.

His son, William Ford, became know as the world's foremost portrait engraver, and was widely acclaimed for his fine work - a fame his father never aspired to, as his specialized lifework demanded the utmost secrecy.

Nellie Celestine Bennett (daughter of Unknown Bennett and Unknown Richert ) was born after 1860 in Easton, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania. She died in 1922 in Bronx, Bronx Co., New York. Joseph Robinson Ford and Nellie Celestine Bennett had the following children:

+6 i. William Fraser Ford , Sr.

+7 ii. Celestine Alice Ford.

+8 iii. George Bennett Ford.

4. William Fraser Ford , Jr.

William Fraser Ford , Jr. had the following children:

9 i. Arnold William Frazer Ford.

5. Robert Ford.

Robert Ford had the following children:

10 i. Robert Ford Jr..



6. William Fraser Ford , Sr. was born on Jul 16 1895 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., New Jersey. He died on Nov 1 1963 in Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey.

He was married to Edith May McEIroy (daughter of Samuel Grant McElroy and Elizabeth Yakel (or Yakal)) on Mar 19 1919 in First Presbyterian Church, Newark, New Jersey. Edith May McEIroy was born on Aug 8 1894 in Haverstraw, Rockland Co., New York. She died on Jan 3 1981 in Teaneck, Bergen, New Jersey.

William Fraser Ford , Sr. and Edith May McEIroy had the following children:

+11 i. William Fraser Ford , Jr.

12 ii. Roberta Celestine Ford was born on Apr 13 1926 in Bronx, Bronx Co., New York.

7. Celestine Alice Ford was born on Aug 4 1894 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., New Jersey. She died in 1985 in Pearl River, Rockland Co., New York.

Charles Frederic Kalle was born in 1881 in Bronx, Bronx Co., New York. He died in 1941 in Bronx, Bronx Co., New York. Celestine Alice Ford and Charles Frederic Kalle had the following children:

+13 i. Charles Frederic Kalle , Jr.

8. George Bennett Ford was born on Dec 23 1902. He died in Feb 1969 in Miami, Dade Co., Florida.

He was married to Ann after 1939 in Texas. Ann was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. George Bennett Ford and Ann had the following children:

14 i. Sharon Ford was born in 1941 in Miami, Dade Co., Florida.


11. William Fraser. Ford , Jr was born on Aug 17 1920 in Bronx, Bronx Co., New York. He died on Aug 29 1949 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Ma.

He was married to Phyllis Ruth Bergen (daughter of Harold Perine Bergen and Iva (Ivy) Ruth Alsbrow) on Feb 14 1942 in Teaneck, Bergen Co., New Jersey. Phyllis Ruth Bergen was born on Jul 22 1920 in Toronto, Canada. She died on Aug 23 1973 in , Bucks Co, Pa.. William Fraser Ford , Jr. and Phyllis Ruth Bergen had the following children:

+15 i. Walter Edward Ford.

+16 ii. William Frazer Ford III.

13. Charles Frederic Kalle, Jr. was born on Jun 5 1925. He died on Jun 7 1988 in New York.

Charles Frederic Kalle, Jr. and Joan had the following children:

17 i. Charles Frederic Kalle III.

18 ii. Christopher Kalle.

19 iii. Janine Kalle.

20 iv. Craig Kalle.



15. Walter Edward Ford was born on Nov 30 1944 in Teaneck, New Jersey.

He was married to Mary Jacqueline Caldwell (daughter of John Reid Caldwell and Ola Virginia Morris ) on Sep 18 1965 in Commonwealth Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, N. C.. Mary Jacqueline Caldwell was born on Feb 22 1945 in Charlotte, N. C.. Walter Edward Ford and Mary Jacqueline Caldwell had the following children:

+21 i. Stephen Andrew Ford.

+22 ii. Erin Matthew Bergen Ford.

16. William Frazer Ford III was born on Aug 11 1943 in Teaneck, Bergen Co., New Jersey.

He was married to Judy Frances Ford on Aug 17 1962 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Judy Frances Ford was born on Apr 22 1943 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N. C.. William Frazer Ford III and Judy Frances Ford had the following children:

+23 i. William Frazer Ford IV.

+24 ii. Dawn Frances Ford.



21. Stephen Andrew Ford was born on Dec 11 1967 in Charlotte, N. C..

He was married to Jennifer Laine Ellis (daughter of Bobby Ellis & Debbie Ellis ) on Oct 18 1997 in Commonwealth Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, N. C.. Jennifer Laine Ellis was born on Aug 25 1972 in Charlotte, N. C..

22. Erin Matthew Bergen Ford was born on Mar 7 1971 in Charlotte, N. C..

He was married to Trusie Browning on Oct 12 1996 in Matthews Presbyterian Church, Matthews N. C.. Trusie Browning was born on Apr 21 1971. Erin Matthew Bergen Ford and Trusie Browning had the following children:

25 i. Jeffery Haller was born on Oct 4 1988.

26 ii. Matthew Haller was born on Jun 18 1990.

23. William Frazer Ford IV was born on Jan 9 1966 in Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo..

He was married to Katherine O'Neal on Nov 18 1989. Katherine O'Neal was born on Sep 2 1966. William Frazer Ford IV and Katherine O'Neal had the following children:

27 i. Ashley Elizabeth Ford was born on Oct 26 1994.

28 ii. Kristen Suzanne Ford was born on Nov 6 1996.

24. Dawn Frances Ford was born on Jan 26 1968 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N. C..

She was married to Thomas Lockhart on May 17 1997. Thomas Lockhart was born on May 4 1956.

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