2-03 Parks      of   VA - Orange, Albemarle, Essex, Amherst,   NC   - ?Wilks,   
                                  GA  - Jackson, Elbert, Franklin ,    Ms   - Covington, Rankin, Newton
                  John  ?? (PAF file of J. Lee Sharp, gives him wife Mary Witter, of MD & put this family in CT/MD area, I have no proof)
                  Thomas            inVA in late 1600’s      m Sarah Miller                                      
                  John                 1706 NC                       m Mary Sharp                                       
                  John                 1739 NC                        m (not Ann, she was wife of another John Parks)                                                      
                  Henry               1758 VA                       m Martha Justice
                  John                 1784 GA Elbert             m Betty Cooksey
                  William C        1825 Ms Covington       m Elizabeth D Martin
                  Leonard             1852 Ms Newton          m Elmira J Graham
                  Simeon            1880 Ms Newton            m Mattie L Hurst
                  Otis Olen         1907 Ms Newton            m Lucy I Graham
                  William J         1935 Ms Newton           m Mary M White
                  David Olen      1959 Fl Homestead        m Kelly Kay King
Things to Check
1  Check into John of North Nech VA 1657 and Ambrose of North Nech VA 1656
2  Find Out About James That Married Maude Futrell, had 3 sons 1 to GA, others to NC, William, Henry, ?Samuel.
3 relationships between Parks/Green/ Johnson/Justice
4 check early SC - Pickens, Ocohee, Anderson, Abbeville, and McCormick
This family is well document by   http://www.parke.org/,  last I heard they call Thomas’s line the “C” Lineage.
1 unpublished-Memoir of Wm Justice Parks 1865-1873 (Son of Henry) (Methodist preacher Oxford, Newton Co. MS June 1865
2 Dairy of E.M. Parks pages  1-3          (Grandson of George 1759)  John I & Thomas I Families
3 Georgia Pioneers Gen. Mag Vol Xii No 3 August 1975 P 110   Henry Family
4. Hurst Family Bible (1990’s O.D.Parks owner)
5.  http://www.hsv.tis.net/~jparkses/genealogy/proof/parksb1.htm
6. Marriage records of Newton Co.
7. A Memorial to Hiram H. Parks
8. Scott Co. Marriage
9.  Cemetery Markers, Beulah Bap. Church
10.  Records of John Parks –Confederate Army (john/John/Henry)
11. Will of John Parks JR of Wilkes Co. NC, wife, Negro women Sile, Sons John & Benamin, Witness Rubin Parks , Jepse Alexander
12 Wilkes Co Marriage pre 1800 (by Nancy F Sidder) Copy of marriage include Henry to Pattie Justice 9 Dec 1792,Bondsman Benj. Herndon
13. http://www.familytreemaker...m-wilson/GENE4-002.html
14. Pinckney Bapt Church records (Cooksey)
15.  The Rucker family pages 436-447 info on Thomas Parks d 1752
16. Land Patents for John Parks ~1840
17. “Georgia Roster of the Rev.”   Henry parks of Albemarle Co. VA, died in Franklin Co. GA, received land grand in GA for his services, married 3 times, named wife.    NC line S31898, lived in Wilkes co. NC at enlistment, applied 3 Sept. 1832 for pension, living in Franklin Co. GA for 32 years in 1832,knowledgement of service was a Thomas and Samuel parks Burke Co, NC (no relationship mention)
From the Work of Harold Graham
Henry Parks, Sr., the father of John Parks Sr., of Newton County MS, was born in Albemarle Co. VA, on the 31st of May in the year 1758. According to the family bible available to his son William Justice Parks.  He was approximately 5’ 8” tall and of brawny build.  From William Justice Parks we quote:
                “Living near the Blue Ridge Mountains high up on the Yadkin River, he was reared up in all the habits of those rough mountaineers and it is doubted whether anyone ever became a more expert huntsman.  There he learned all the habits of deer, bear, and other animals with which the mountain regions abounded.
                This education he never forgot to the latest hour of his life.
                According to his own statement, his religious training was but very little removed from that of a heathen.  I have often heard him say that the first prayer he ever recalled to have offered up to God in his life was after hearing a sermon preached by John Majors a Methodist minister in Elbert Co. GA., when a married man with a family.  His people and those he associated with in N.C. were Baptists of the old pattern.  The theme and burden of their preaching were special grace, particular election, foreknowledge, decres\ess, reprobations, etc.  The people were taught they could do nothing.  He often said, using his own word,” All I ever recollect of my thoughts about religious matters were that I supposed if I am one of God’s own elect I should in his own time be brought in and I used sometimes to wonder whether I was elected or reprobate and should stand no chance to be saved about which however I gave myself no anxiousness”.”
                Shortly before the Revolutionary War, Henry Parks and Approximately thirty other men settled in “powder Valley of Kentucky” (Editor’s Note: Powell’s Valley of modern-day Lee County, VA) and attempted to make a settlement. they found there rich soil and were able to raise one crop of corn, also living off the game that abounded the area-deer, turkey, elk, buffalo.  The Indians grew too hostile, though, Killing one of Henry’s uncles, William Parks, and cutting down their corn.  For the circumstances, the party was forced to retreat back into North Carolina.
                With the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, Henry Parks, Sr., joined the American minutemen and was engaged in many skirmishes with the Tories.  At the battle of Kings Mountain he took a putar ball in his left arm near his shoulder, he was treated by a British surgeon who had been captured in the battle.  The surgeon dressed the wound by drawing a silk handkerchief through the bullet hole and then wrapped the wound.  To facilitate his recovery, Henry was guided home to safety by two uncles, George and Samuel Parks.
                Henry Parks, Sr., later related his military experiences in a rev. War Pension Application dated & June 1832, Franklin County, Georgia (Minutes of Franklin Co. GA., Court of the Ordinary, may 4th 1829 to November 11th 1844, pp. 90 ff) In this application he states that he was born in 1758, Albemarle County Virginia, and that following the war, removed from Wilkes County NC to Wilkes Co. GA in 1784.  He moved to Franklin County Georgia, “about 36 years since and has remained there ever since”.  A “record of his age is in the possession of Moses or James Parks in Burke Co., north Carolina”.  His present age was 74 years and he was living in Capt. Ginn’s District in Franklin County.  He further states that He entered the Service of the United States in the militia of North Carolina in Wilkes County in 1774 or 1775 under Captain Guess as a volunteer and was placed under the command of Genl. Rutherford, was marched to the Valley Irons in the Cherokee Nation, went on scouting parties and took some prisoners, served at the time two? Months and was discharged by Colonel Armstrong.  He afterwards enlisted in the Militia for six months as a Minute Man under Lieutenant Benj. Cleveland and Capt Walton, was marched against the Tories & Scotch to Cross Creek (now Fayetteville), served the six months and was discharged by Capt Walton.  He next entered the Army in Wilkes County under Captain Gilbreath and General Rutherford and was marched to Purrysburg, South Carolina, was stationed there some time to save time at Two Sister or Sister Perry, was discharged at Sister Perry after 5 months service on this Tour.  Again he entered the service as a volunteer at Wilkes County, North Carolina under Capt. Lewis and Col. Benj. Cleveland, was sent to King’s Mountain, was in the ball take and was wounded by a rifle ball through the arm, return after two months service & resided at home until his wound healed up.  Again he volunteered under Capt. John Cleveland and Col Lenore(sic)  & was placed under command of Genl. Rutherford, was marched in two miles of Wilmington, was placed as a guard at Bridge to keep them from crossing over, was marched back to Wilkes and discharged by Capt, John Cleveland after a Service of about 6 weeks.  Again Volunteer under Capt. Lewis & went to join General Green and  march with his army to High Rock Ford or Haw River, was about a month as a scout against the Tories.  Served about a month before Gates defeat Scouting after the Tories who were commanded by Genl. Bryant. At the time he was a volunteer under Col. Lewis, and was joined by General Rutherford when the Tories marched off and were defeated by Sumter? At hanging rock.  He was in several other scouting parties, Always served at a moments warning against the Tories but at this was irregular service, does not distinctly recollect the time served. Although thinks he severed about 3 years as a private soldier.
                Apparently one of Henry’s horse was also killed in this battle as he was awarded in April 1782 the amount of 20 pounds specie for 1 horse (revolutionary War Accounts of the United States of America for Sundries furbished the Militia of North Carolina, Virginal, & South Carolina as allowed by Brown, Erwin & green lea, Auditors, Salisbury Distinct, Voucher #1084, North Carolina.
                Henry Parks SR, returned to the family home in Wilkes County ,North Carolina, following the war and on 13 May 1780, entered into the deed records 300 aces on the branch of Little Elkin adjoining Gabriel Loving.  This land is not shown in the tax records for 1782.  By 1782 Henry had acquired 150 acres of land, two horses, and 1 head of cattle.  Deed records indicate that he received a land grant for 150 acres on 23 October 1782, this land being located Parks Creek adjoining William Loving.  Henry Parks, Sr., also enter in the deeds Record of  Wilkes County, 150 acres on 26 May 1778.  This land is described as being “on Parkes Creek on the county line, up the main creek  to the Schoolhouse”.  On 21 September 1786 “Henry Parks of the State of Georgia and Wilkes Co. NC” sold Clisby Cobb of Surry County, North  Carolina, 150 acres on both sides of Parks Creek, adjoining the county line and William Loving.
                Henry Parks, SR., married (1) on 9 December 1782, Wilkes County NC, to Martha Elizabeth (Pattie) Justice.  Martha was born in VA on 1 May  1753, and died in Franklin County GA on 17 July 1813.  William Justice does not name parents, however, he indicates that her her father was “a low-set, hardy man a little of the corpulent order”.  Martha’s mother was, according to William Justice Parks, A Johnson, but little else is known about her family except the Johnson were given to tallness, a trait that occasionally acoours with Martha descendant.  William Justice Parks identifies Martha’s brother and sisters as William Justice, the only son, and daughters as Mollie Justice who married John Meadors and Suzannah Justice who married Watson Calk. 
                (Justice family information  I (Kelly Parks)  found says that Martha Elizabeth (Pattie) Justice , wife of Henry Parks, Sr., birth date was 17 Jan1762.  Its says that her father was John Justice born 18 March 1720 VA, died Orange County NC in 11 November 1795.  John Justice was married probably twice, the second to Elizabeth Edwards about ~1765.  John Justice was the son of  Justinian and Pricilla Justice.) 
                According to William Justice Parks, Henry’s mother was remarried hen he returned from the  war, but does not indicate the circumstances under which this took place.  John Parks., Jr., lived for many years, there after, was one of the fourteen legatees named in his father’s estate which was resolved in 1795.  There is also an indication that John Parks JR., lived briefly in Wilkes Co. GA.  Whatever the circumstances, Henry Parks, Sr., chose to relocate in Georgia, along with his commanding officer Benjamin Cleveland, and others veterans of the war.  Henry worked initially as an overseer, but in 1786 was awarded a grant of 287 1/2 acres in Franklin Co. GA.  This land is  located on little (also Nail’s) Creek.  William Justice Parks indicated that Henry remained in Wilkes Co. GA for a period of 10 years.  Tax record for the ear 1798 indicate that Henry owed 150 acres in Wilkes Co. GA and 287 1/2 acres in Franklin County GA,
                Both Henry Parks, Sr., and his son William Justice Parks were greatly influenced by the preaching of Lorenzo Dow and the early Methodist circuit-rides Thomas Humphries and John Major, and Henry’s conversion to the Methodist Church resulted in him dedicating his life to Christ.  Henry became an active lay leader of the church and openly opened his home to Humphries, Major and Bishop Francis Asbury.  With other, he set about to build a church in the wildness.  By 1799 he had established a place of Worship, and Bishop Asbury would pay visits there both in 1799 and 1801.  Asbury noted in his journal, under the date of Saturday, November 23, 1799 that he was “at park’s new cabin chapel, after riding eighteen miles, I exhorted”.  This is probably the same property that appears  in the deed records of as Franklin County,GA, Deed Book RR, pp. 88-89, dated 1 October 1805/ recorded 8 June 1808, viz-
                From Warner Stoe and Sally Stoe of Franklin County to Henry Parks, Joel Marby, Caleb Garrison, Nathan Pitchford, Isaac Dalrimpel, Beal Baker, Jedediah Garrison, and Joacim, as trustees.  In consideration for 50 cents, convey once acre in Franklin County on waters of Hudson’s River, to be held in trust by the name trustees and their and their successors. Wit: John Westbrook, Daniel Chandler, Samuel Morgan.  Sworn to by Morgan before Elias Baker, J. P., 28 May 1808.
                Bishop Asbur returned to Parks’ Cabin Chapel on Saturday, October 14, 1801.  He note on that date that “we came to Parks’ Meeting House. Brother Blanton spoke on John xii,35; my subject was Heb. vi,11,12.  We have traveled about 100 miles since our entrance into GA, passing through parts of Richmond, Columbia. Lincoln, Elbert, &Franklin counties.  The evenings and morning have been cold;  the people, however, are extremely kind.  I have experienced great sensible enjoyment of God - our cabins and courts, when Jesus is there. In my ministry I have been greatly assisted, but unless I am more temperate in my talk, in tone and time, I shall not be able to mange more than every  other day.”
                For William Justice Parks, than only an infant , the experice with Bishop Asbury. Lorenzo Dow, John Majors and other evangelists began a commitment to the ministry that lasted more than 50 years and which helped bring the Gospel to frontiersman in several counties in northeastern GA.
                The marriage of Henry Parks, Sr., and Martha Parks produced eight children, and Henry was to remarry twice thereafter and to have 3 additional children by his second wife, Emma Crutchfield.   Henry married (3) Mrs. Sarah Pulliam, but political difference over the issue of Slavery caused them to dissolve the marriage.
Anyone Here Heard of John Parks?
The early records of Wiles Co. North Carolina include at least 4 adults named John Parks, making research of this name difficult.  These John Parks maybe described as the follows:
1. John Parks Sr., husband of Mary sharp
2.  John Parks Jr.,  son of the above.  He is living in the same general area as his father.  In 1774 tax list for Capt. Benjamin Cleveland’s District, Wilkes County, North Carolina, he is shown with sons Samuel and Henry and slaves James & Luce (Lucy)    
                 John Parks, Jr., son of John Parks, Sr., and Mary sharp,, was born 6 March 1739 in VA.  His death date is unknown; however, the disposition of his father’s estate suggest that he died after his father’s second will was written but prior to it execution.  According to the diary of Eligah M. Parks, John died in Wilkes County; however, record suggest that he may of have ventured briefly into the sate of GA.  His wife is unknown, however he is known to have sons Samuel Parks and Henry Parks, Sr., and possibly other children.  According to the Dairy of William Justice Parks, William’s grandmother separated from his grandfather and thereafter remarried.  Did their marriage and  from separation, divorce, or death?  The record are silent on this issue.  The research on John Parks, Jr., is also compounded by the problem of having at least 4 men named John who lived in Wilkes Co. NC in the late 1700’s
                Henry is show as a son of john Parks in 1774 tax list for Surry Co. VA.  William Justice Parks in his diary describes the exploits of an uncle who was killed by Indians at “Powder” Valley VA.  This description matches other accounts of William Parks, Sr. (brother to John Parks, Jr.)  who was killed at Powell’s Valley VA..  Henry was born in Albemarle Co. VA in 1758, according  to William Justice Parks, but later lived in Wilkes County, North Carolina.  These circumstances match the migration pattern of John Parks, Sr., and his family.
                Although John Parks., Sr., had 17 children, only William Parks, Sr., John Parks Jr., and Thomas Parks Sr., would have been old enough to have been the father of Henry  Parks Sr.  Since the children of William Parks Sr. and Thomas Parks Sr., are known to be otherwise, John Parks Jr., is the only reaming child of John Parks Sr., who is old enough to have been Henry’s father.  In Rev. War Pension application, George Parks states he went with his brother Samuel Parks to King’s Mountain at the end of the battle to bring his wounded nephew Henry Parks home.  The story is consistent with the story told by Samuel Parks and By William Justice Parks.
                John Parks Jr. was living as late as & Feb 1787 when he was mention in his father’s second will.  On 18 March 1794 fifty pounds from the estate of John Parks, Sr., were received by Benamoin Parks, “executor for John Parks, Jr.,”  This record gives the appearance that John Parks, Jr was deceased, however, it is more likely that he was living else where, Particularly since Benjamin Parks made payment of fifty pounds of “current money of North Carolina to John Parks and Thomas Parks” on 4 December 1794.  In further record relating to the disposition of the estate of John Parks Sr., from the year 1795 “john Parks” is shown to be one of the 14 legatees of the estate of John Parks, Sr..
                Did John Parks, Jr., not move, at least temporarily, to GA with his son Henry?  A John Parks is listed on the 1791 Wilkes Co. GA, Militia Roll and also on the 1793 Militia roll for Elbert County GA, but may just as easily fit into the family of Charles Parks Sr. 
                John Parks Jr., appears in Capt. Carrell’s Militia District, Wilkes Co. North Carolina in the 1787 State Census (1-2-5-0), but it missing from the 1790 Federal Census for Wilkes County.  From the state census we deduct that had in the year 1787 at least 10 family members, Himself, Son Samuel, Son Henry( then in Franklin Co, GA), two unidentified sons under the age of 21, four daughters, and wife.
3.  John Parks Jr., Son of William, Sr., and grandson of John Parks Sr., lived in Amherst Co. VA; however, in the settlement of his father’s estate, his name is entered into the records  of Wilkes Co. (he was given the ancient appellation of “Jr” meaning younger, rather than son of).  His only son Benamin was a small child when John died.  John Parks, Esq. (aka Jr.), died in Wilkes Co.  in 1784.  His will filed in Wilkes  County, North Carolina, Will book 1 page 126, identifies a wife (unnamed), son Benjamin, “other Children”, “my Nergo wench Lill” and “write of land in South Estate”.  Witness to his will were Ruben Parks and Jesse Alexander.  Executors were John Parks (relationship unknown) and his son Benjamin..  In the 1775 Surrey County tax list , john is shown with Nergoes Peter, Lil and Bob.  His land is outside   Capt. Benjamin Cleveland’s district.  His son Benjamin  Parks was an adult at the time of his father’s death.  It is suspected that John Parks Esq. is related to the family of John Parks SR., but not as a direct descendant.
4.  John Parks
In the year 1768, john Parks, JR, briefly owned 378 acres of land in Amherst Co. VA “on Long Branch of Buffalo River”.  He bought and sold this land in the same year, apparently as the family readied to move to NC.  On the 19th of May 1778 John Parks Jr., applied for a patent “on 600 acres south side of Yadkin River, mouth of Roaring River including improvements whereon Thomas Parks now lives” (Wilkes Co. NC, Land Entry Book 1778-1781, Entry #107).  John Parks, Jr., entered 198 acres on the Yadkin River, date unknown, but believed to also be in 1778.  This land re-recorded on 22 September 1780 and shown to be adjoining William Loving.  In 1779 John Parks, Jr. (also John Parks, JR) recorded 640 acres in Wilkes Co. on the south side of Yadkin River “lying at a white oak opposite the mouth of Roaring River”.
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1  Uriah Parks ~pre 1780 of Wilkes Co. NC, married Sally Green in 1805, Rachel Johnson in 1809 in Wilkes Co. NC, first child was name Henry born 1810, by second wife.
1649 Edward Parke to Northumberland from north side of Raddahamock River
1654 Thomas Parks / Northumberland  Co. / Head right
1656 Ambrose & Pricilla  Parks of  No. Neck. , Chapawannack Creek on Potomeck River
1657 John Parks of No. Neck. VA
1658  John arrived in VA with Royal Land grant for 940acres along black creek & Little Horse Run in New Kent County in 1683.  He is thought to have 2 sons John 2, Thomas, He is thought to have a daughter that married Simon Miller, per land deed bk 1 pg 1692, deed refers to Thomas as schoolmaster & lifetime lease, mentions John, Thomas,& Samuel
1662 Thomas age 13 servants in Northumberland
1662 Robert in Northumberland
1663 Thomas /Westmoreland Co. / Head right / Pope Creek
1664 Samuel on Chckacone River
1666 John on Chchacone River
1675 Daniel  in New Kent and Rappahannock
1677 Joseph of Westmoreland
1677  Henry Parks in Rapotsylvania
____ Presbyterian Church List Thomas of Orange Co VA  from Great Britain & Ireland
1692 Thomas Was a School Teacher in Richmond Co VA but He Lived In Essex Co across the River
1692 Susannah born / Daughter of John of New Kent, her father died 17 Jan 1709-10
1723 Will of William on Rapotsylvania
1728 Thomas In Spotsylvain Co VA lease 100acres lying fork of Rappahannock River & moth of Hunting creek in spots co, 6 years later this area became Orange Co.
1729  Thomas, sons  John Thomas JR,  Samuel/ Spotsylvania Co. Rappahannock river
1736 Thomas Bought Land In Orange Co VA/ declaration he made said he was from Ireland
1740~ Thomas bought land which he gave a portion to his “beloved son” Samuel (who married Mary North) Thomas later sold remaining portion to son in law Christopher Hutchins
1741 Thomas sold land to Christopher Hutchins
1741 Thomas took oath that he had been “imported” into colony from Great Brittan and Ireland.  This was necessity for immigrants to prove their eligibility to own land or to hold public office
1749  Spots. VA  James Parks adm. estate of John Lewis  ???James related to John & Margaret True
1750 John ,Planter Rents/Covenats 100acre Part Of 3700acre To __Rose During Lives Of Parks To John JR Alb Co VA
1751 Thomas Bought Land In Albemarle Co VA
1752 Thomas record his will in Albemarle Co, he refer to himself as “Thomas Parks of Ballengers Mountain”
1754 Culpeper deeds   John Parks to my loving son Richard  (??Richard marriage 1796 to Ann Faver)
???    Culpeper deeds, John Parks Sr & w/Margaret & Son Richard to William Williams
1761 Thomas, Will Probated Alb. Co.  12 Mar 1761 Wrote Feb 1752
1766/7 Thomas Children John, Thomas Ii, Charles Went To Wilkes Co NC
1768 deed bk B pg 381 (sale) Amherst Co. VA John Parks Sr & Mary to Aaron Higginbothon (purchased deed bk B pg 348)
1770 deed bk B pg 132 (sale) Amherst Co. VA John P. to Matthew Tucker
1772 Surry Co. Tax list,  John4, John3, Linsfield, William, Thomas Sr, John1,John1
1772/17773 NC, Surry Co. John Sr,  deed bk A pg 15,  Deed gift to Wm & John Jr to distribution to all children ( To oldest children)
1774, July Land Grant from King George III to Charles Parks, 450 acres, located in parish of St. Paul, Colony of George grant bk M pg 83
1774 Surry Co. Tax list   John, William, John4, Charles, Thomas Sr. (John, Samuel, Henry, nego James,Luce) (Thomas, Moses)
1775                        Charles, Reuben, Thomas JR, John Jr 4, John1, Thomas   (John JR, Henry, Samuel)
1774-1775 Henry Enlisted In Rev War In NC At Age 17
1779 NC, Wilkes Co.   John Sr, deed bk A p 84
1783 Henry Was Overseeing Plantation In Elbert GA
1784 John   Will  Feb 1784  Mention Only Son Benjamin, (John/William/Thomas)
1784? Henry goes to Wilkes Co. GA
1785 GA, Wilkes, Charles, Henry, Robert (Charles s/o Charles/Thomas/Thomas)
1786 Henry Received In 287.5 Ac. In Franklin Co GA For Serves In Rev War
1787, NC, Wilkes, Will of John Sr, names children, including son John JR
1805 GA Tax-- Wilkes  - John, Mary, William, William
1805 GA Tax  Franklin - John
1805 GA Tax - OG, Bird, Welcome
1808 Henry Was Justice Of The Peace
1832 Henry Was Granted A Pension Franklin Co GA
1845 Henry Will  In Franklin Co GA  Wrote 4-1844 Proved 9-1845
1790 NC
1800 Geo Franklin Co
1804 GA, Hancock - Dempsey Justice, John Justice
1805 GA Ogle  Tax,  Abraham Meador, Jacob Meador
1805 GA, green Tax  Daniel Meadow, Edwin Meadow, Isham Meadow, James Meadow, Joel Meadow, John Meadow, Jonas Meadow, William Meadows
1805 GA, Franklin - Barna Meadows, John Meadows
1810GA Franklin Co
1810 GA Ogle tax - Bird Parks, Welcome Parks
1810 GA Jackson Co.- John,    David Justice, Dempsey Justice, John Justice, William Justice
1820 Geo Jackson Co    John, Hannah, Jean
     Ala Conecuh       James 1m+, 1f+, 1f-, 2m-_
1820 GA Tattnall, Montgomery
1820 Ms Covington Co C         None
1823 Ms  Coving ton   - John Parks, Cader Price, Wm Cooksey (+50) (in 1823 Bainbridge he is over 70)
1824 same as 1823
1825 Cader Price, William Cooksey,   No John Parks,
1827 Cader Price, William Cooksey, John Cooksey,   no John Parks
1828 (last time), john Parks, Cader Price, John Cooksey
1820 Ms Claiborne             Thomas        400110-31010
1828 Ms Covington Tax List   John Parks
1829 Ms Rankin Tax List      John
1830 Ms Rankin Co   John      20010-10100
                    Charner   00300-00000
1830 Ms Others Warren- Garner, Law- John B, Wash- Wm, Clabi- Thomas, Hinds- John C 30201-22010
1831, 1833  Ms Rankin Co Tax List      John, William, Chaner
1835 Ms Rankin Co   Chaner
1837 Ms Rankin Co   John   320 Acres   Sec 19, Range 4, South 1/2   Date 1833
1840 Ms Newton Co Tax List   Jonathan Parks
1840 Ms Newton Co   141 John           212000010000-11001
                    142 John Cooksey
1840 Geo Jackson Co    Henry
1850 Ms Newton Co  
190 John 65ga, Nancy 47ga, John 21ms, Thomas 19, Martha 17, Nancy 18, Noah 12, Hiram 9, Jeptha 7, Samuel 5, Catherine 3, �
    Jerry Smith 24
184 William 23ms, Elizabeth 18al, Elisha 6/12
1850 Pinkey Bc Membership   Elizabeth
1851   "     "    "     Added  W.C
1852   "     "    "       "    E.N, Aug. L, Martha, Nancy Sr
1856 Ms Newton Tax List --  Thomas
1858 Ms Newton Tax List -- Thomas, John C, Hiram
1860 Ms Newton Co  
568-584 Thomas 27, Harriet 26, Nancy 7, John 5, Pennecy 3, Wm 4/12
569-585 Nancy 28ga ?58, Hiram 21, Samuel 15, Pespy 19, Catherine 13, Elmira (John and Nancy’s children except Elmira.  Nancy m Let Thornton)
        Jones P
1870 Ms Newton Co   
 397         John
 401         George
*469         Nancy
 482 152/143 Elizabeth 39al, Lenond 18ms, Leah 15, Elmina 13, Julia 21 (Elisha Wife)
     176-185 James 34 Ala, Mary 25, William 7, Elizabeth 5
 487 59/59   Elisha 21 Ms
 504         Waney
 504         Jepha P & Nancy
86/114/114 Leonard 28ms, Ej 27ms, Ira 6, Leah 3, Simeon 3/12, Mary Martin 77 G-Mother, Elizabeth 50 Mother
1900 Ms Newton
49 Elisha 50ms/Ms/Ms 1-1850, Julia A (Graham)30ms/Nc/Tn 4-1849, Edith 1-1883, Lonie 4-1885, Jonathan 8-1886, Tilda 11- 1888, Ester Isham (Border) 3-1878
50 Leonard 22ms 5-1878, Alice 28ms 4-1872, Nathan P 2-1849
54 William E 30ms 9-1869, Sarah J 30ms/Ms/Nc 9-1869, Niva A 9-1896, Nora Agnes 6-1898
59/59 Leonard 48 Ms/Ms/Ala Feb 1852, E.Jane 47ms Dec 1852, Hiram Feb 1874, Simmie 3-1880, Elizabeth 7-1887, Thomas 7-1894 G-Son, Orabell 12-1897 G-Daug, Elizabeth Feb 1830 Al/Ct/Sc Mother
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