Descendants of Robert Parke


Jenks Lineage


1.    Robert Parke born Suffolk, England, married Alice Chaplin, died c. Feb 1593.  Robert died 1593.  Knight.


       +2.     i    Robert Parke born Jun 3, 1580.


Second Generation


2.    Robert Parke (1.Robert1) born Jun 3, 1580, Semer, Suffolk, England, married (1) Feb 9, 1601, in Semer, Suffolk, England, Martha Chapin, born Feb 4, 1584, Bury, St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England, (daughter of Robert Chapin and Elizabeth Austey) died c. 1643, Stonington, CT, married (2) aft 1625, Alice Freeman, born 1595, Preston Capes, England, (daughter of Henry Freeman and Margaret Edwards) died Feb 11, 1665, New London, CT.  Robert died Feb 4, 1665, Stonington, CT.  Came to America on the ship "Arabella" to Boston, June 17, 1630.  He apparently sailed back to England with an order from Governor John Winthrop to his sons to pay money.  This was possibly the first "bill of exchange" drawn up in America.  He was a personal friend of Governor Winthrop and served as his secretary during the passage of the "Arabella". Martha: Came to America in the Winthrop Fleet of 1630.

                      Children by Martha Chapin:

          3.     i    William Parke born Apr 21, 1604, Suffolk, England, married May 18, 1636, Martha Holgrave, born 1615, England, died Aug 25, 1708, Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.  William died May 11, 1685, Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.  Came to America on the ship "Lion" in Feb. 1631, with Roger Williams.  He was perhaps sent by his father to look out good spot for plantation.

       +4.     ii    Thomas Parke born 1616.

          5.     iii   Ann Parke born Dec 3, 1618, England, married Aug 10, 1640, Edward Payson.  Ann died Sep 10, 1641.

          6.     iv   Samuel Parke born Jun 20, 1621, England, married Hannah (?).  Samuel died 1713.


Third Generation


4.    Thomas Parke (2.Robert2, 1.Robert1) born 1616, Hitcham, Suffolk, England, married Oct 28, 1644, in Roxbury, MA, Dorothy Thompson, born Jul 5, 1624, Preston Capes, England, (daughter of John Thompson and Alice Freeman) died c. 1709, CT.  Thomas died Jul 30, 1709, Preston, CT.  In 1698, Thomas, together with his sons Robert and John, and others, organized the First Church of Christ of Preston, CT and became its first Deacon. Came to America in the Winthrop Fleet of 1630.


       +7.     i    Martha Parke born Oct 27, 1646.

       +8.     ii    Thomas Parke born April 18, 1648.

          9.     iii   Robert Parke born 1651, Stonongton, New London, CT, married Nov 24, 1681, in Norwich, New London, CT, Rachael Leffingwell.  Robert died 1707, Preston, New London, CT.

       +10.    iv   Nathaniel Parke born c. 1652.

          11.    v    Dorothy Parke born Mar 6, 1652, Stonington, New London, CT, married aft 1670, Joseph Morgan, born Nov 29, 1646, New London, New London, CT, died c. 1704.

          12.    vi   Alice Parke born c. 1656, CT, married Mar 16, 1673, in Norwich, New London, CT, Greenfield Larabee.  Alice died Nov 23, 1727.

          13.    vii  John Parke born c. 1660, Stonington, New London, CT, married Mary Witter, born Feb 20, 1665, Stonington, New London, CT, (daughter of Josiah Witter and Elizabeth Wheeler). John died 1716.

          14.    viii  William Parke born Stonington, New London, CT, married Dec 3, 1684, in Preston, New London, CT, Hannah Frink.


Fourth Generation


7.    Martha Parke (4.Thomas3, 2.Robert2, 1.Robert1) born Oct 27, 1646, Stonington, New London, CT, married Jan 10, 1667, Isaac Wheeler, born 1646, (son of Thomas Wheeler and Mary (?)) died Jun 5, 1712.  Martha died Feb 14, 1717.


          15.    i    Mary Wheeler born Nov 22, 1668, married Jan 24, 1687, Ebenezer Williams.  Mary died Nov 3, 1709.

          16.    ii    Martha Wheeler born Feb 6, 1670.

          17.    iii   Thomas Wheeler born Dec 1, 1671, died c. 1691.

          18.    iv   Anna Wheeler born Aug 20, 1675.

          19.    v    Isaac Wheeler born Aug 6, 1676.

          20.    vi   Richard Wheeler born Mar 10, 1677, married Dec 12, 1702, in CT, Prudence Payson.  Richard died Apr 12, 1712.

          21.    vii  Dorothy Wheeler born Dec 6, 1679.

          22.    viii  William Wheeler born Sep 9, 1681.

          23.    ix   Elizabeth Wheeler born May 22, 1683.

          24.    x    Experience Wheeler born May 21, 1685.


8.    Thomas Parke (4.Thomas3, 2.Robert2, 1.Robert1) born April 18, 1648, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, married Jan 4, 1672, in Stonington, New London, CT, Mary Allyn, born c. 1648, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT, (daughter of Robert Allyn and Sarah (?)). Thomas died 1698, Preston, New London, CT.


          25.    i    Samuel Parke born Nov 26, 1673, Preston, New London, CT, married May 8, 1709, Abigail Ayers.  Samuel died Jul 30, 1750.

          26.    ii    Thomas Parke born Jan 20, 1677, Preston, New London, CT, married Nov 15, 1703, in Preston, New London, CT, Hannah Witter, born Mar 17, 1681, died Oct 26, 1754.  Thomas died 1732, Preston, New London, CT.

          27.    iii   Mary Parke born Jan 28, 1678, Preston, New London, CT.

          28.    iv   Jonathan Parke born Apr 6, 1679, Preston, New London, CT.

          29.    v    Deborah Parke born Dec 1680, Preston, New London, CT, married John Clark.

          30.    vi   Eleazer Parke born c. 1682, Preston, New London, CT, married Feb 4, 1717, Eliphel Button.

          31.    vii  Hannah Parke born c. 1684, Preston, New London, CT, married Amos (Woodward) Woodard.


10.   Nathaniel Parke (4.Thomas3, 2.Robert2, 1.Robert1) born c. 1652, Stonington, New London, CT, married Feb 28, 1677, in Preston, New London, CT, Sarah Geer.  Nathaniel died Jan 1718.


       +32.    i    Phebe Park born 1692.


Fifth Generation


32.   Phebe Park (10.Nathaniel4, 4.Thomas3, 2.Robert2, 1.Robert1) born 1692, Preston, New London Co. CT, married 1712, in Preston, New London Co. CT, Thomas Beeman, born Oct 15, 1660, MA, (son of Simon Beaman and Alice Young) died Nov 15, 1750, Kent, Litchfield Co. CT.  Phebe died Oct 3, 1777, Kent, Litchfield Co. CT.


       +33.    i    Thomas Beeman born Oct 9, 1715.


Sixth Generation


33.   Thomas Beeman (32.Phebe5, 10.Nathaniel4, 4.Thomas3, 2.Robert2, 1.Robert1) born Oct 9, 1715, Preston, New London, CT, married 1738, Bethiah (Bethia) Tracy, born Jul 19, 1718, Preston, New London Co. CT, (daughter of Christopher Tracy and Lydia Parrish) died Feb 17, 1789, Kent, Litchfield Co. CT.  Thomas died May 12, 1790, East Kent, Litchfield Co. CT.  SAR lists as Patriot as PVT in CT Militia.  SAR File Ref. # 9142 B.GED. DAR Ref 17088. He served as a Pvt in 1776 in the thirteenth Regiment of Militia. Bethiah: SAR File Ref # 9143 B.GED


          34.    i    Abigail Beeman born April 26, 1739, Preston, New London, CT, married 1759/61, in Litchfield, CT, Mark Keeney, born May 1, 1740, Stratford, Fairfield, CT, (son of John Keeney and Sarah Webster) died Oct 3/7, 1804, Laceyville, Wyoming Co. PA, buried: Lacy St. Cemetery, Lacyville, PA.  Abigail died Jul 7, 1804, Laceyville, Braintrim Twp, PA, buried: Lacyville, PA Cemetery.  Some genealogies list her as Abigail B. Lee.  So there might be a question as whether she was previously married to a (?) Lee.  This is probably impossible since she married Mark Keeney at age 20. SAR File Ref #7859IJK.GED Also SAR File Ref. # 9144 B.GED. Mark: Birth and death places per Harold Witter, Cent. NY Genealogical Soc. DAR states he was born in Litchfield, CT.  Mark Keeney was a soldier in the French wars and in the Revolution.  He was one of the first settlers of Lacyville PA. first known as Keeney's Landing , arriving in 1790. SAR File Ref #7858IJK.GED. SAR lists as Patriot. DAR Ref 15282. LDS says born Litchfield Co., CT

          35.    ii    Christopher Beeman married Hannah Mann.  SAR File Ref. # 9149 B.GED


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