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The calendar of information about shows, club meetings and events for Barbie® doll collectors in and around Tennessee.
If you have information about upcoming shows, events or meetings,
please let us know.

** Tennessee event
** September 9 - Doll, Bear & Miniature Show at Holiday Inn Conference Center, Morristown, TN.  From 9-4 .

September 9 - 22nd Annual Doll Show & Sale at Eureka Springs, AR, Inn of Ozark Convention Center, HWY 62W, 9-4pm, $3, Ruth Chase, 327 Combs Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701, 501/442-4596
** October 21 - Rebel Doll Show at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds

* First Thursday of Every Month - Belle Meade Plantation Belles Doll Club meets at 7 PM at Shoneys, Bellevue. This club is predominantly for Barbie collectors but also includes Gene, Jenny and other fashion doll collectors.
* Every Weekend - CROSSVILLE Flea Market, I-40 exit 317, Hwy 70N. 931.484.9970


August 31, September 1 & 2 ? First Annual Chicago Fashion Doll Festival, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Chicago, IL.

Features to include:
BMAA Award Presentations
Sales Room
Seminars & Special Guests
Special Room Rates
SEVERAL Exclusive Limited Edition Fashion Dolls for each Registered Participants.

If you are interested in attending please feel free to contact us by phone (262) 658-1004 fax (262) 658-0433 or email Murat Caviale, Inc., Publishers Barbie Bazaar Magazine, 5711 8th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140


If you know of coming Barbie events please send your news of doll shows, store sales, and other events to [email protected]
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