He's the oddest combination a cat could ever be. He loves lasagna, hates Mondays, whacks spiders, guzzles coffee, and kicks dogs. He's Garfield, the funniest feline the world's ever seen.

Garfield was born in the kitchen of Mama Leone's Italian restaurant in 1978. He was then sold to a petshop where Jon Arbuckle purchased him. Since then he simply grew larger. His favourite food is, well, just about anything except raisins. His favourite hobbies are to eat and sleep. Here is what he enjoys doing:



    watch TV

    bite the mailman

    play with Pooky (his favourite teddy bear)

    sing and do stand up comedy on the fence

    send Nermal to Abu Dhabi

    pretend to be the Caped Avenger

    kick Odie off the table

    wake up Jon

So what makes this cat so popular? Simply because people can relate to him. He loves TV and abhors Mondays. He prefers to pig out than to work out. He'd like mornings better if they started later and he believes that coffee is the only way to start the day.

However, Garfield is not all ego, he has a soft side too. He loves his teddy bear, Pooky and really, deep down, (really deep down) he loves Jon and Odie. As the Official Garfield Website says it, "Garfield is a classic and classics are always in style".

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