Search Engines

Search engines are very similar to each other in the means of what they do; however, how they find the Information differs from one search engine to another.
  • Google - An accurate, all around search engine that is very widely used.
  • Directhit - Ranks search results according to what other people have selected as the most relevant and popular sites for your search request.
  • Yahoo - A search engine providing a category based Web directory.
  • Excite - Is a global media company offering consumers and advertisers comprehensive Internet navigation services with extensive personalization capabilities.
  • Metacrawler - A multi-function search engine.
  • Lycos - Develops and provides online guides to locate and filter information on the Internet. Products enable users to accurately identify and select information of interest to them.
  • DogPile - Uses other search engines and displays what they find.
  • Searchgate - European search engine, directory, and portal.
  • About - Extensive network of sites by subject specialists who write articles, host discussions, publish free email newsletters and provide personally reviewed links for each topic.
  • AOL Search - Search engine and directory.
  • AllTheWeb - A multi-language search engine.
  • HotBot - Offers users a point-and-click interface, pull down menus, and the ability to use plain English terminology for constructing searches.
  • LookSmart - searchable, category-based Web directory.
  • Web Crawler - Search engine and directory.
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