Moderator (Speaker) Eric Bischoff, VP of WCW, is now currently with us answering your questions. If you haven't done so yet, please send in your questions.

SunnyDaysMJD (Prodigy Member) Hey Eric... Did you purposefully bid up Bret Hart's contract, causing the WWF to offer him an insane amount of money, in hopes that that would result in other workers getting upset and leaving?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) No, not at all. I offered Bret a deal that I felt I could make work financially for both him and my company.

KT the Nark (Prodigy Member) 1.Is Ted DiBiase leaving WCW? If DiBiase goes will Vincent follow?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) No, I've heard speculation about Dibiase leaving WCW, but there has never been discussion between Dibiase and myself. He is taking time off to go to Israel to do some personal things and there is nothing more to it than that.

WWFS HBK JEP (Prodigy Member) Eric thanks for being here. q1: HAVE TO TALKED to Shawn Michales at all...or do you think this is a WORK?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I haven't talked to Shawn since sometime in 1988 when Shawn and I were both working for Verne Gagne...might have been 87. Since that time I haven't had any conversations with Shawn Michaels. Based on what I have heard, and the information out there has been presented by Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller, and based on the inaccuracy of Wade's information about the Roddy Piper/Kevin Nash incident, I don't think any of us can tell if the Hart/Michaels incident was real or illusion.

PFWA Niko (Prodigy Member) Eric I'm glad you joined us here on Prodigy this evening. Eric how much laughing did you do when you heard Shawn Michaels quit the WWF?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) You know, it really doesn't matter to me what happens in the WWF. I don't really think about it very much. Although I don't know Shawn, I know Bret a little bit....I'm not happy to hear about two individuals letting personal issues get in the way of their career. It's not healthy for the business, and certainly not for the individuals. To be honest, I didn't react to it much.

KT the Nark (Prodigy Member) 4.Would you and McMahon both do a joint card together if both of you got $1 million dollars for it?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) No, I have no interest in working with Vince McMahon. He has nothing to offer. He's not someone I could ever imagine doing business with him. We wouldn't lower ourselves to working with a Vince McMahon at this point.

UncleFritz (Prodigy Member) What is the status of Rey Misterio and his knee? If he recovers well do you expect to give him a bigger push?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I fully expect Rey to have surgery soon. I fully expect him to recover at 100% and Rey is going to become a more integral part of our organization as time goes on.

Nash Rulez (Prodigy Member) Are you wrried that the WWF/ECW angle will boost up WWF's ratings in the "Monday Night Wars"?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) Not at all. I was hoping that it would. I think competition is good. I think the relationship has benefited ECW, and if it benefits the WWF, so be it. I hope it does.

RBWrestling (Prodigy Member) How much longer are you gonna keep us waiting for Sting to really get some action?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I haven't made up my mind. I don't know.

HangShawn KS (Prodigy Member) Eric - what are your opinions on the controversial and offensive comments made by Dennis Rodman about the Mormon church during the NBA finals, and how do you intend to handle the situation with Rodman scheduled to appear on an upcoming WCW PPV event?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) Honestly, I haven't heard the comments first hand. I've read about them. My understanding is he was assessed a fine of $50,000 today, the largest in NBA history. Frankly, those comments weren't made in any way as part of WCW or our efforts. Dennis Rodman doesn't work for WCW or Eric Bischoff at this point. All I can do is control that kind of outburst while he is working for us, and I have every intention of doing that, the same as I would anyone that works for us.

NotoriousDUG (Prodigy Member) Much of the speculation surrounding the apparent backstage brawl between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart is that Michaels instigated the fight in order to claim the work conditions of the WWF are unacceptable and thereby break his contract. Assuming this is true, what is the process Michaels would have to go through if he chose to attempt to break with the WWF and join WCW?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I'm not an attorney, and I don't play one on tv. That's a legal question that someone more qualified than me would have to answer. I'm sure if you called Jerry McDimwit, he'd be able to tell you.

Nash Rulez (Prodigy Member) What made you think of the idea for the New World Order?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I really don't remember was just something I knew people would like. People like renegade organizations and renegade people. In my mind, that's what the NWO represented, people who would rewrite the rules. That was really the idea going in.

 Jer in KY (Prodigy Member) Mr. Bischoff...thank you for joining us. With the signing of Raven, I hope you're going to sign Stevie Richards soon. I feel he's the best kept secret in pro wrestling. He's a future superstar and I'd like to see him in WCW more than any other place. Your thoughts?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) Actually, we've hit a pothole in our efforts to sign Raven. I fully expect we will be able to work it out. We are very very close. As far as Stevie Richards goes, I haven't given it consideration, but I have an open mind and would be willing to listen.

Nash4 (Prodigy Member) Eric, will there be a 3rd hour of Monday Nitro on TBS? Or will there be a new show?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) If we decide to add anymore hours it will be a new show on TBS, possibly on Monday night following.

Hoops01 (Prodigy Member) What is the status of WCW's dealings with Scott Levy?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) As I said, we hit a bit of an obstacle in terms of us being able to finalize a deal. Scott was in Atlanta this week and I had hoped we would be able to work out the issues before he left today. Hopefully we will work something out next week.

NotoriousDUG (Prodigy Member) In the future, how are you going to ensure that things run smoothly between the conflicting factions and personalities in your promotion, recently exemplified by a backstage confrontation between Kevin Nash and Roddy Piper?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) There is nothing I can do to force people to get along 100% of the time. As I said before, we have a tremendous wealth of talent, all of whom have had success....they are all very intense and competitive individuals....and they all have varying philosophy. Most of the time they get along very well...but from time to time emotions get in the way and there are flareups. I don't want to condone the incident, because I thought it was inappropriate and unprofessional. I'm a competitive person myself so I can understand it, but I can't condone it. This isn't grade school, though...and I can't make them write 100 times "I will not lose my temper"....but I do have this very interesting looking Oz maybe next time Kevin loses his temper I can make him wear it and stand in the corner.

LC33 (Prodigy Member) Hello, Eric. A few questions concerning your thoughts on the Shawn Michaels situation. First, has he contacted you? Second, with such a large roster in WCW, do you think he would get "lost in the shuffle" if he came on board and would you tell him this if you haven't talked to him yet? He's a man with a big desire for spotlight.

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) No, I have not had any contact with Shawn Michaels since we both worked for Verne Gagne. As far as getting lost in the shuffle, that's something I have heard people say for a long's something people said about Hall and Nash...and they are more over now than they were when the got here. For anyone to suggest that someone from another group would get lost in the shuffle, they just aren't looking at what has happened in the last two years. There isn't a single wrestler from another company that isn't more over now than when they arrived. Conversely, with the exception of Steve Austin, people who have left WCW to go to another company have seen their status diminished.

LostSailor (Prodigy Member) Will we see a Sting/Hogan match by Starrcade?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I know Sting would love to wrestle Hogan tomorrow if he could. There is definitely pressure to make that match happen. There is a lot of time between now and December, so we have to see what happens.

UncleFritz (Prodigy Member) Now that Kevin Sullivan appears to be somewhat back, does Terry Taylor still have most of his booking duties?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) Let me clarify something for everyone. Kevin is not back. He came back to do an interview in Boston. That was the beginning and the end of Kevin's involvement in that show. Terry Taylor is not the booker, Kevin Sullivan is not the booker. In fact, there is no booker in WCW. Right now, Terry Taylor, Craig Leathers, and Annette Yother work together with me to lay out our television and PPV's. I have the final say on everything that goes on television....good or bad...but it is sincerely a team effort, and all of the people I mentioned contribute to the final product. The same will be true when, and if, Kevin Sullivan returns to WCW.

LostSailor (Prodigy Member) Honestly, if Shawn Michaels was legally able to talk with you, would you be willing to discuss a WCW(or NWO) debut?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I'm sure he is legally able to talk to anyone in the United States he wants to talk to. If Shawn Michaels called me tonight, I wouldn't hang up. In terms of his ability to come to work for WCW, that's a different matter. If he was legally able to work for WCW, that's a conversation I would look forward to having with him. He's a talented guy and would have a lot to offer.

HBK Rissa (Prodigy Member) Eric - how do you feel about Nash & Shawn doing the "Kliq/nWo" sign on TV to say "hi" to eachother?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I don't have a strong feeling one way or another. I know it bothered some people in my company...but honestly, I don't think it's that big a deal. I suppose I wouldn't want it to happen on a regular basis, but it really didn't register with me.

FOX SPORTS (Prodigy Member) Is your LA show gonna be televised for WCW Saturday night?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) We will have cameras there, and portions will be aired on Monday NITRO...but it will not be live.

Missile65 (Prodigy Member) Is there any action being taken on your part against Piper and Nash for the incident on Monday, and were you upset with Piper for commenting on a rift between the two (piper and flair)?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) No action will be taken. I was in the locker room when that incident took place. I don't think it was very professional, but that being damage was done. Kevin walked out of the room...Roddy backed off, and within 20 minutes things settled down to the point where things were managable. They are adults, and professionals, and I'm sure they will act accordingly.

SicrThanMost (Prodigy Member) Are you happy with the ratings the women's segments are getting? if so, any plans for more air time for them?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) Unfortunately, there aren't enough good women wrestlers around to sustain any kind of regular presence on NITRO. The action the last couple of weeks has been good and I'm happy with it, but there just isn't the talent to maintain on a regular basis.

DeBee1015 (Prodigy Member) What did you think of Dustin Rhodes' speech on Raw several weeks ago, and what do you think about how everytime he comes to the ring now MacMahon and Co. talk about "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes???

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I really don't give it much thought, to be honest with you.

Jon360 (Prodigy Member) Eric, do you have any plans on signing Marty Jannetty?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) No

HireRECKLESS (Prodigy Member) ERIC - Do you consider the way VKM has the women in the WWF strutting around half naked is a form of cheap promotion?

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) I think your observation pretty much answers the question from my point of view. I think it's a joke. I have taken a look at the RAW magazine and have seen what Sable has done, and I laugh at the hypocracy of it all, and I wonder what Marc Mero and his wife tell all the church groups he was so concerned about while he was at WCW because he was working in an angle with DDP and Pages' wife. It's typical of McMahon of more mud he is trying to throw against the wall hoping something sticks.

Eric Bischoff (Speaker) That's all the time I have for tonight...I have a 5am flight in the morning.

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