Hey everybody! This is the section where I will post updates that I have done to the page. Thus the title 'Updates' eh? :) So let yer eyes wander down now to the updates!!!

- April 25th 1998 -
New discussion list to replace the old crappy list was created. Penguins beat the Habs 4-1 at the igloo in game #2 of the First Round Stanley Cup playoffs. On Thursday Habs beat Pens 3-2 in OT.

- April 16th 1998 -
Not much in the line of updates for this month and i apologize but its been of month of sickness. Anyhow, Mags/Interviews section has been fixed up a little bit. Also added 2 Jericho commentaries. And the Bruins beat the Habs 6-2 at the Keg. Playoffs next week.

- April 4th 1998 -
Okay!!! Cleared up the main page a bit so it doesnt look quite as cluttered. I moved Interviews/Articles to their own room on my site and stuck em in Interactive. I created Interactive and put the Discussion Board and List there. Discussion List is gone from the main page and into their own room. Added copyright/legal stuff on the main page. And thats about it right now. Time of this update is 7:40 pm AST

- March 30th 1998 -
Sat morning i created an Exclusive wav Jericho Mix! Tonite i got it converted to RA format and now both formats are on my page! Total exclusives and must not be taken! Thank-YOu!!!! :o)

- March 23rd 1998 -
created a Chris Jericho Discussion Board!

- March 20th 1998 -
Lets see...i added an exclusive scanned jpg of the WCW March '98 magazine INSIDE THE JUNGLE column! :) Added Jericho's 6 most recent commentaries from his page, and also created the CHRIS JERICHO DISCUSSION MAILING LIST!!!! WooHoo!! Email me if you want to talk Jericho! And i will glady add yer name to the list! Time of this update is 5:30am AST!

- March 19th 1998 -
Hidey ho everyone! Back again with another update! I added 3 new vids in the Multimedia section, also added 3 Ross Report articles! And the Rangers beat the Habs Wed Nite 2-1 in ot. dang!

- March 13th 1998 -
Alrighty! bday was wednesday got 2 StarWars books, LionKing Broadway Musical soundtrack cd, GreatBigSea cd. One gift i truly was not expecting was WWF BaddBlood IYH cause buying wrestling ppv's here on this sandbar in a STORE is totally unheard of. I went to that store that had them, put in a request for the WM Boxset and I got my name down for the video display box! ha ha Anyhow..time is currently 9:10am AST and i added a Jericho Interview plus 3 interview wav files. June 30th seems like a long way off when you think of it, especially where that Jericho contest is concerned. I hope i have a good enough page to be in top contention when the time comes! :)

- March 10th 1998 -
Woooo! Galleries 4-9 are up and running in the Multimedia Page! Also added SLAM! Jericho Interview from Sept '97...worked a tiny bit on the links section...added a contest to my page that I appear to be a contestent in. Umm..what else...Habs beat Panthers tonite at the Keg 6-2!!! Thats about it for updates! I'm outta here!!! Time of this entry 2:07am AST! Alrighty it is now 10:15 pm AST and Jingle All The Way (with Schwarzenegger) is on the Movie Network and i just uploaded and linked some of my own sound bytes! Thats it for updates tonite! See ya tomorrow!

- March 6th, 1998 -
Alrighty! I got 3 pic galleries up! They woulda been up and running back last month but i ran into some problems...and just today i had to change my style which took awhile. Time is currently 2:23am ast.

- March 1st, 1998 -
Wow! March already! Got up and running Jerics ECW 'n' WCW themes in Wav format. Also worked on pic galleries which should hopefully be running soon. Its 1:36 in the morning! 3:20am and I got the animated GIFS up and running! Only 4 though but hey, with geocities and a stoneage comp it takes forever to upload! :) Also fixed up the MultiMedia page! 4:50am added a few AVIs to the Multimedia section.

- February 28th, 1998 -
I took the pop-up window off of the Updates page. *yippee* Also added Jeric's commentary from the Jan '98 WCW Mag. At 4:00 in the morning Eastern time i got up a small sounds gallery! Took awhile to upload the files as geo is always slow on my stoneage comp! :) Also no pop-up window on the sounds gallery! Woo-Hoo!!! Added Jeric Theme Music in RA for ECW 'n' WCW.

- February 27th, 1998 -
Just before noontime i activated the LINKS so there is now a links page. Links is very small right now till i have more time.

- February 26th, 1998 -
Added 2 Magazine articles plus this Updates page wooHoo!! :) Also did a bit of tables to add the articles to, also the little table that has Updates...Links...Email in it and activated both the Updates and Email part.

- February 23rd, 1998 -
Set up the GeoGuide doo-dah thingy to stop the dang pop-up windows from popping up all the time *whew*

- February 21st, 1998 -
The day the Unofficial Chris Jericho Page opened up! Got to see 3 pics, stats, and title history. Also GeoGuestbook and LinKo counter and that little geocities thingy at the bottom. :) Also added the Webside Story Hitbox!

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