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Jericho's Old WCW Theme Music in RA (237k)
Jericho's Old WCW Theme Music in WAV (2616k)
Jericho's ECW Theme Music in RA (280k)
Jericho's ECW Theme Music in WAV (1548k)
Jericho's old WCW Theme Music in Midi (19k)

EXCLUSIVE Chris Jericho Mix

This here mix is a total 100% Exclusive to my site as I created this mix Saturday March 28th 1998 early morning...I used Jeric's old WCW Theme Music. I request that you do NOT take these for your own web pages without the written consent of myself..and even at that i may or may not let you put it up. So far the only pages that have my permission are The Pro Wrestling World and of course myself! Happy listening!

Jericho Exclusive Mix wav ... 1825 k ... 1:24 long
Jericho Exclusive Mix ra ... 165 k ... 1:24 long


The following are my own exclusive bytes that i created.
guerrero.wav (34k) "Eddie Guerrrrrrrrrrrrerro!"
cruiser.wav (52k) "You will never, EVER win my cruiserweight belt from me thank you."
likeme.wav (45k) "You like me, you really REALLY like me!"
lstn2me.wav (21k) "People! Listen to me when I talk to you!"
lunatic.wav (71k) "I am your role model, i'm your hero and all of you have become raving lunatic jericoholics."
3cruise.wav (36k) "I'm a 3 time cruiserweight champion"
iamlion.wav (22k) "I am LionHeart Chris Jericho!"
ever.wav (81k) "It will never, Ever, EVER, EVERRRRR happen again! Thank you very much!"

The following are Interview segments...descripts coming soon.
jericho_nitro.ra Nitro April 6th 1998 Jericho dedicates the show to Dean Malenko and begs him to come back. PWW EXCLUSIVE!!!! Recorded by SMMJ!
cjnitro.wav (474k) Nitro March 2nd '98 Introduces first guest on "Monday Jericho" Eddie Guerrrrrrrero! From WCWLucky
cjthund.wav (636k) Thunder March 5th '98 From WCWLucky
segment.wav (922k) Thunder March 5th '98 behind the scenes interview segment. From WCWLucky
nitro118.wav (406k)
thunder3.wav (487k)
wcwsn.wav (548k) From WCWLucky


trust.wav (67k)
jericho0.wav (138k) I told all of you adoring Jerichoholics last week that I wanted to change the name of this program from WCW Monday Nitro to WCW Monday Jericho.
jericho2.wav (97k) You know what, Tony? Not only am I Chris Jericho, he man of 1004 holds, I'm Chris Jericho, the collector of trophies.
jericho3.wav (62k) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Jericho!
jericho4.wav (297k) Jericho goes over his list of "trophies" he has.
jericho5.wav (135k) I'm going to be known for generations to come not as an icon, not as a legend, but as a mama's gonna be so proud of me.
jericho6.wav (60k)Everybody here knows that Terre Haute is my favorite town.
jericho7.wav (153k) And a lot of people have been asking, what's up with Rey Mysterio Jrs' knee? What's up with Juventud Guerrera's mask? What's up with the deflation of Dean Malenko? Well unfortunatly sometimes in this business faces get slapped and feelings get hurt.
jericho8.wav (75k) But you can trust me when I say it will never, eeeeeeeeeeeever happen, again. Thank you.
jericho9.wav (48k) Now why do I owe you a thousand dollars?
jerich10.wav (439k) Jericho tells Lenny Lane he owes him $1000.
jerich11.wav (91k) You know what? I want to dedicate this match to the memory of Dean Malenko.
jerich12.wav (111k) You know Dean, you let a lot of people down when you quit and went home after losing your match to me.
jerich13.wav (73k) You know you aren't the first person to submit to the awesome power of the Lion Tamer, and you won't be the last.
jerich14.wav (94k) But Dean, you claimed that you were trained by the best, don't you think you've shamed your father's memory enough? He wasn't a quitter like you.
jerich15.wav (83k) So I'm kissing you, and your career behind, Dean, 'cause like the song says, "and a MMM-Bop, it's gone."
jerich16.wav (94k) I would like to dedicate this episode of Monday Night Jericho to Dean Malenko.
jerich17.wav (127k) Please come back Dean, come on little trooper, I know you can do it, you're the second greatest wrestler in the world today, behind myself of course.
jerich18.wav (157k) And Prince Nakamaki, you have the audacity to sign a match against me at Spring Stampede. What have you ever done to deserve a title shot? You don't even own a pair of wrestling boots.
jerich20.wav (135k) First of all, Skiavone, you address me by my proper name, Lion Heart Chris Jericho, Man of 1004 holds, lord and master off all Jerichoholics across the globe.
jerich21.wav (94k) Second of all, you make sure none of these raving Jerichoholics run in the ring and try to touch me, ok? You make sure Doug Dillenger and those securities keep an eye on that.
jerich22.wav (205k) I told fat boy Prince Nakamaki that he weighs far more than 225 pounds. I've got the scale right here, and if the Prince would be so kind as to come down, let's see just how much he weighs.
jerich23.wav (24k) I know you're diggin' the Maji Maji.
jerich24.wav (422k) Jericho rips on Dean Malenko and says Dean applied for a job at a burger joint.
jerich25.wav (362k) Jericho accuses Super Calo of being Prince Nakamaki under his mask.
jerich26.wav(57k) Thanx to all you Jerichoholics I am still the champ!


OH MY GOD! Files!!!

coldbomb.gif (212k) ECW Too Cold Scorpio powerbombs Chris Jericho
coldweed.gif (172k) ECW Too Cold Scorpio tumbleweeds Chris Jericho
eddylion.gif (159k) Chris Jericho turns Eddy Guerrero's flying head scissors into a powerbomb
lionbomb.gif (193k) Chris Jericho powerbombs the Ultimo Dragon


asai1.avi (446k) Ultimo Dragon executes an asai moonsault on Chris Jericho
cjericho.avi (321k) Jericho jumps off of ringsteps and lands a forearm to Rey Mysterio Jr
dblbomb1.avi (438k) Chris Jericho powerbombs Ultimo Dragon twice
jericho2.avi (507k) Chris Jericho makes Gedo tap out to the liontamer
pbomb2.avi (403k) Chris Jericho powerbombs Eddie Guerrero
diamondc.avi (921k) DDP gives Jericho the Diamond Cutter on Nitro
jericho.avi (401k) Jericho lionsaults Chris Benoit
jericho.avi (251k) The lionspike that nearly kills him!
benoit.avi (527k) benoit.rm (27k) --No Sound--..Thunder - Malenko suplex Jericho from top rope. Benoit then delivers a flying headbutt to Jericho at the same time Eddy Guerrero delivers Flying Kneedrop to Malenko
clash1.avi(603k) clash1.rm(16k) Jericho executes his lionspike
dgnjrch1.avi(679k) Dgnjrch1.rm(27k) Jericho pins Ultimo Dragon via Sunset Flip
mongo.avi(1M) mongo.rm(28k) Mongo spikes Jericho for the victory
jerichoreyleg.avi(154k) jerichoreyleg.rm(14k) Jericho smashes Rey Mysterio Jrs knee against the steel steps.
jerichoscalesmash.avi(199k) jerichoscalesmash.rm(16k) Jericho smashes Prince Iaueka with the scales
jerichoprincefall.avi(196k) jerichoprincefall.rm(16k)Jericho and Prince Iaeuka both fall from the top rope

The following files came directly from OH MY GOD! and I have recieved written permission to put them here on my page! Thanx Peter Ransom! Yer an A-1 dude!

jerichorey.avi(680k) jerichorey.rm(31k) Souled Out 1998 Jericho liontamers Rey Myst Jr
rey1.avi(365k) rey1.rm(21k) Souled Out 1998 Rey Myst Jr executes flying headscissors on Jericho
rey2.avi(390k) rey2.rm(20k) Souled Out 1998 Rey Myst Jr somersault plancha Jericho from top rope
malenkotap.avi(548k) malenkotap.rm(57k) Uncensored 1998 Jericho makes Malenko tap out to the Liontamer

SUPER J CUP 2 ... December 1995 ... Japan

supjcup1.avi (507k) 7 seconds Round 1: Hanzo Nakajma vs Chris Jericho ... Hanzo with his headstand and a headscissors takedown
supjcup2.avi (501k) 6 seconds Round 1: Hanzo Nakajma vs Chris Jericho ... Jericho gets the win with his lionsault quebrada
supjcup3.avi (327k) 3 seconds Round 2: Pegasus Kid vs Chris Jericho ... Jericho does inside-out springboard moonsault
supjcup4.avi (417k) 5 seconds Round 2: Pegasus Kid vs Chris Jericho ... Benoit gets the pin with a tombstone piledriver off 2nd rope

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