April 21st 1998

By "Lionheart" Chris Jericho

NP:No Doubt-Tragic Kingdom

Hello Jerichoholics!

Hope this message finds you happy and healthy, praise the Lord I am! Well as you read this message, I'm in Calgary, visiting my old pals, my old haunts and my old girlfriends (I wish). I'm in need of this vacation as we've been working our WCW fingers to the bone and there's no light at the end as of yet. In May we have shows booked for every day!!! There may be a few changes but anyway you slice it, we're gonna be some busy cowboys and indians!

We just returned from a tour of the north and I was fortunate to meet up with my Dad in Fargo, only three hours south of Winnipeg. It was good to see him and I even had the pleasure of seeing our webmaster extrordinare...LEE!!!!!! As you can see, he's been doing a great job on the site and we're over 130,000 hits!! I can't believe it, it's better than raw!

This week's movie is Honeymoon In Vegas. I really enjoy the sappy love story and It's got one of those endings that you can't help but smile! Nicholas Cage is excellent in this as well.

Once again, don't forget if you're in the Cincinnati area, to check out the Brian Pillman memorial show on Wed, April 29. Stone Cold, Sunny, Al Snow, Chris Candido will all be there, only to be topped off by Benoit vs Jericho. Should be a great show and it's excellent to see that WCW, WWF and ECW can all work together and honor one of the sport's best.

Speaking of ECW, I got a chance to go to their show here in Orlando last Sat. It was great to see my old friends like Shane Douglas, Chris Candido, Lance Storm, Bam Bam Bigelow, Taz, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and of course Paul E himself, among many others. It was a real boost to see that the locker room in ECW is still a comfortable, friendly place to be!

Well I'll report next week on my skiing and Calgary adventures!

God Bless you, may the Lord keep you safe and healthy. Jesus Rocks!!!


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