April 10th 1998

By "Lionheart" Chris Jericho

NP-Helloween-The Pumpkin Box

Hello Jerichoholics!!

Well another day, another commentary albeit much quicker than the last one. We just finished a 12 day tour in Florida, so I was able to get home almost every day. One of the advantages of living here, is that WCW wrestles down here quite often. Another advantage is the BEACH! After church on Sunday, I plan to rock that mutha in Daytona, catch some rays and do some body surfing!!! Cowabunga!

I'm planning on returning to Calgary in the next few weeks and believe me, I'm ready for a little vacation. I'm really stoked about seeing my old brothers and doing some skiing in Banff, which is about 90 minutes from Calgary. Should be great.

For the second year in a row, the Calgary Flames have been eliminated from the playoffs and when you combine that with the futile efforts of the Rangers, it leaves me without my favorite two teams in the mix. Go Dallas!

Well after another week of listens, I'd have to say that the new Helloween album "Better Than Raw" is their best in ten years. It is so rockin! The new Iron Maiden "Virtual XI" is also the best in many years. It's good to see that there's still some good metal out there.

The movie of the week is Say Anything. I'd never seen it before, but it's great. I love John Cusack playing the alienated high school lovable nerd.

Don't forget about the Brian Pillman memorial show in Cincinnati on April 29. If you live in the area, make sure to check it out. You won't want to miss The Crippler vs the Lionheart in the true battle of Alberta.

I watched Wrestlemania and enjoyed it and I'd have to give Shawn Michaels the guts prize for his performance. Good luck in his recovery!

Keep the picture requests coming to PO Box 618313, Orlando, Fl 32861, don't forget the self addressed stamped 8x10 envelope! Thanks to Darrin Lilly for the cool highlight vid of my work!

Don't forget that the real reason for Easter isn't chocolate eggs and bunnies; it's the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected! Remember to say a prayer today....Jesus Rocks!!

Watch for Dr. Luther of ECCW to unleash his website on the world. Stay tuned for upcoming news on this international star's foray into the web world.

Be good to one another and God Bless You!


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