April 2nd 1998

By "Lionheart" Chris Jericho

NP-Van Halen 3

Hello Jerichoholics!!

Well it's been a long time coming, but it's here at last, yet another commentary! The reason it's been almost three weeks since the last is that I've been on the road for the WHOLE time! It started on Sat, March 14 in Panama City, Fl and lasted until Tue March 31 in Madison WI, with Mobile AL, Baltimore MD, Detroit Mi, Milwaukee, WI, Chicago,IL, Cincinnati,OH and a plethora of others in between! I'm not complaining, but I am tired.

Well it's been a gas entertaining wonderful people such as yourself, but it was a gas yesterday when I was fortunate to buy three of my favorite bands' new albums. VH 3, Helloween-Better Than Raw, and Iron Maiden-Virtual XI being the three. The Helloween is excellent and the other two are still under review. I also bought Strapping Young Lad-City, Stuck Mojo-Pigwalk, and Roland Grapow-Four Seasons of Life. Music is such an important part of my life, it helps me to get through the day.

I've also been getting into God more and more. I've always been a Christian, but I'm finding more excitement and fulfillment in the Lord then ever before. I've been trying to go to church twice a week and I've started reading the entire New Testament from the bible, which I've never done before. I find it helps me to deal with the problems and petty hassles of life much easier.

A huge welcome back to WCW referee and close personal friend, Mark Curtis, who's returned to the ring following a bout with cancer. It's great to have him back as he's a good guy and one of the best refs in the biz. Mark will be reffing the main event at the Brian Pillman tribute show in Cincinnati on Wed, April 29 between Chris Benoit and myself. The show will also feature wrestlers from ECW and WWF, as well as WCW, so if your in the area check it out!

Also if you live in southern BC, be sure to check out the ECCW, the best indie promotion in Canada featuring the diabolical Dr. Luther and his gang of nasties. You'll have a great time and tell em I sent ya!

Regretfully, the Hockey game on April 5 in Hershey has been cancelled, so I won't be appearing. I was very disappointed to say the least!! I think the Dallas Stars and the NJ Devils are in line for the cup though! Also a congrats to the Calgary Hitmen of the WHL for a great year and a great showing in the playoffs so far...can they go all the way?

Thanks for the swag guys, including an awesome Helloween concert from Oslo from Tony Canella, an excellent vid of my work from Gary Graham and thanks to Thane Stamatelos for the Loverboy tape! (Darn Larry Lane!) I'm really behind as far as sending the pix, so if you sent for one please be patient! If you want one, PO box 618313, Orlando,FL, 32861 and an SAS 8x10 envelope will get ya one.

We're in Orlando this week for TV tapings and I've got to do some filming for another video game, hopefully I won't be a hidden character this time!

Movie of the week is the classic Tommy Boy with Farley and Spade. Housekeeping!!

I'm looking forward to watching Seinfeld tonight, and the grand finale very soon. I'll be sorry to see that one go!!

Well, talk to ya soon, much sooner than three weeks. By the way can you believe over 106,000 hits in just under four months? You guys are great, let's go platinum and get a million!!!! Keep creating the websites for the contest! You guys have done a great job and you still have 2-3 months before the winner is decided! Web away!

God Bless you and be good to one another!


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