March 14th 1998

By "Lionheart" Chris Jericho

Now Playing- Helloween:Pumpkin Box

Hello Jerichoholics!

I hope this week's commentary finds everyone happy and healthy! I've been mondo-busy as usual, but it's fun. I was on the road for a week then two days off then one day on, one day off and ten days on, starting tomorrow. It's not all glitz and glitter, people! Tomorrow, it's off to Spring Break in Panama City, FL and I'm sure it's going to be unsane. A perfect place for moi!

I watched the Penguins vs the Flyers last Sunday and it was a killer game. Tons of crashing and banging, beautiful plays and a thrilling overtime finish. Hopefully it will mirror my upcoming celeb hockey game in Hershey, Pa, April 5. Check it out if you can and if not, I'll give you a full report after it happens!

The movie of the week is Fargo. What a classic from the Coen Bros. Steve Buscemi is so ugly, yet talented. The Big Lebowski is pretty cool as well!!

I bought a whole bunch of CD's this week, as follows:
Helloween-Pumpkin Box set
Cheap Trick-Sex, America Box set
King Diamond-Voodoo
The Best of Sam and Dave
Machine Head-The More Things Change
Danger Danger-Four the Hard Way

As you can see, I've been audioally busy as well! Don't forget if you want an autographed pic to send a SAS 8x10 envelope to PO Box 618313, Orlando, FL, 32861 and I'll get one to you.

We've been getting a lot of response to our little contest, so if your computer inclined make your own Jericho site for cash and prizes! (well, no cash really) Check out the contest section for details.

Well I had fun going to church twice this week! I've been getting back into it much more lately and I feel real good as a result! If you haven't gone in a while, give it a shot again. It's a lot of fun!! Well see ya on the road, be careful and be good to each other!

God Bless you!


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