January 29th 1998

By "Lionheart" Chris Jericho

Hey LionHeads!

Sorry I haven't written for a while, but if you've been watching the shows, you can see I'm hella busy! I've been home for all of 3 days since the last commentary, two weeks before!

In that time I've done some serious travelling. We had a great time in New Orleans and Shreveport, Louisiana. We absolutely rocked Bourbon St. It was a great time and featured your party host taking control of some hapless DJ's booth and spining primo tracks all nite long (and I ain't talkin Lionel Ritchie)! We also had fun in Dayton and as you know , I'm speaking to you as Cruiserweight champ.....for the third time!

But all is not well, as I've been having some neck problems over the last couple of weeks. I'm going to Atlanta for an exam on Friday, so please pray that it's nothing too serious! I'll keep you posted.

Don't forget to check out the WCW magazine, for my monthly column. I've been having fun writing it and I hope you dig it too.

Well. we've been piling up the hits this month. We're over 37,000 with a bullet, so onward and upward to one million (my personal goal). Thanks to everyone who's sent requests for pictures, I just mailed a whole batch today, so if you ain't got it yet, be patient dudes!! Send a 8x10 sas to P.O Box 618313, Orlando, Fl, 32861 if ya want one. Thanks for all the great gifts, including the swank Kiss tie from Elizabeth Durham, the continuation of killer Helloween stuff (especially the Osaka video) from Tony Canella and the Dark Angel tape from Amy Scott. You guys are too kind!! I love you guys.

I've been really grooving to Skid Row's, Subhuman Race. It was my album of the year for 1995. For anyone that cares, my album of the year for 96 was Working Man- Tribute to Rush and Instant Clarity by Michael Kiske. For 97 it was Falling Into Infinity by Dream Theater and Crawl To China by Tourniquet. For anyone who digs funky-rap-metal, check out THC's website off my link page. These guys are a phat up and coming Canadian band, featuring ex members of Scimitar, my old band!

The movie of the week is Strange Brew starring Bob and Doug McKenzie. It's a comedy classic.

I really enjoyed the NHL all star game this year. The division of the teams, pitting the World vs the North Americans was a great idea and added some much needed intensity to the game! Wayne Gretzky still rules and Selanne was no slouch either!

I'm also in the Playstation Nitro as a guest character. If you beat Sting, you get to fight me. I'd rather be a main character, but it's better than nuttin'!

Well, I've got to go to Memphis manana and Boston and Texas after that, so I'm gonna be busy as always. Stay cool and be good one another!

God Bless you and please pray for me.


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