January 18th 1998

By "Lionheart" Chris Jericho

Greetings LionHeads!

Hope everyone's having a stupendous week, I know I am! One of the main reasons for this is I'm getting a terrific response to the PO box. In just two short weeks, I'm completely out of pictures! Can you believe I received over 400 requests?! But after a quick all to the WCW pr department, I should be getting more real soon. So keep sending your self addressed 8X10 envelopes to PO box 618313, Orlando, FL,32861 and I'll keep sending the pix. Please remember that my envelope stuffing staff consists of one.....myself, so if it takes awhile, just keep waiting. I'm going as fast as I can and I'll get them all out as soon as possible.

Also I want to thank everyone who sent stuff other than autograph requests to the PO box! I'd like to especially thank Tony Cannella for the great Helloween vids and audio bootlegs, Masa Horie for the New Japan video tapes and Patrick Bamburak for the cool ring song (which he recorded himself)! I love getting stuff from you maniacs, so keep it coming!

Be aware that I'm in the new WCW video game "Nitro" for playstation. I'm a mystery character, which is perfect because I'm a mystery character in real life, so it fits!

I checked out Titanic this week and it was unreal! It was the best movie I've seen in 4-5 years, since Forest Gump. Great acting and story, as well as effects up the wazoo! 11 out of 10 for sure!

We've got a busy week, as I'm off to Shreveport, New Orleans and Thibadoux ( I hope I spelled that right) this week with many more dates to come. We're really busy, so I'm preparing myself for some hard work!!

On a sad note one of my best friend's father passed away, so I'd like you all to pray for Don and his family, as well as his father's soul.

We've added to the World Wide Archives page, so check it out. I'm also quite happy with the deluge of hits over the last while. Almost 30,000 in just six weeks!! That's what I call 'kin excellent!!

Make sure to check out the WCW magazine for my new monthly column. I've decided to put my journalism degree to good use and you can be sure that my writing will be politically incorrect as always!

Well I'm splitting to check out the NHL all star game. I'm obviously rooting for the North American team to beat the rest of the worlders! It's a great idea and should boost the intensity and excitement of the game.

Have you guys ever checked out the band Tourniquet? Very heavy and massively underexposed, they're definitely one of my favorite bands. Give em a listen!

Well take care and be good to one another!

God Bless you guys!


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