Okay...the Lionheart Discussion List is now in its own room on my site! I'll fix it up better later on with more info! In the meantime, sign up will ya? Thanx :o)

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WELL EVERYONE! Remember the original LIONHEART DISCUSSION LIST that was created on March 19th, 1998? It was with Coollist and trust me, do NOT go to Coollist if yer interested in creating a mailing list. It is really bad. Most of yer posts wont get to the list..and if they do they are days late. There was so much complaints and problems with my first discussion list.

Coollist is a thing of the past. MAKELIST.COM RULES! For the moment anyhow. [email protected] was created on Friday April 24th, 1998 for fans of Chris Jericho. To subscribe to the list please type yer addy in the space way above and follow directions! Whatever you wish to comment on about our ROLE MODEL please post it! To send email to the list...email [email protected] and from the testing stages so far, posts have been pretty quick! So what're ya waitin for? Sign up today, tonite right now!!!! :o) Any problems with subscribing, please email me - NKID 1

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