Bammel Chess Club


April 1997


Matt is our second 6th-grader to win this award.  He raised his club rating by 250 in a month that included a lot of days when the club was closed due to other school activities. Matt was one of our first players and has stayed with the club from the start.  He is looking forward to competing with us at the State Finals next year in Austin. Great job Matt!

March 1997


Matt is a 6th-grader at Bammel.  He is the only Bammel player to win a trophy at each event this year.  Matt's awards  include a 2nd-place finish at the HCA team event at Clements High School, a 4th at the HCA tourney at Hastings High School, and a 5th-place award at the HCA event at Sharpstown Middle School.  Matt also competes regularly in the 1960 Chess Club which meets on Fridays at 7pm at the Wal-Mart on 1960 and Cutten Road.  This gives him extra competition and practice.

Matt earned his award by increasing his club rating by an amazing 399 points, a new club record!  He also moved up to 5th in the club ratings.  Matt was qouted in a recent article in the Houston Chronicle about Bammel as saying, " I just learned how to play the game this year.  I like the game because it helps take my mind off my troubles and helps me concentrate."

Matt is one of Mr. Farnocchia's students.  Mr. Farnocchia is always ready to lend a hand when Matt needs help in chess or in school.

For his outstanding effort, Matt won a gold medal, a certificate of achievement, and free entry to all of the Bammel Chess Club's mini-tournaments for the next month.

February 1997


Chris is in the 7th grade at Bammel Middle School.  He has been a member since the beginning of the club.  Chris is one of the few students in the club that has competed in outside chess clubs.  He plays in the 1960 chess club which meets on Friday nights at 7:00 at the Wal-Mart on 1960 & Cutten Road.

Chris was recently qouted in an article for the Houston Chronicle, " It's (chess) helped me with my grades because it helps me think better.  I used to have C's and B's, now I get A's and B's."

Chris has Mr. Lancaster, one of the club's sponsors, for Reading class.  Mr. Lancaster says he likes his players to be in his classes so he can keep in touch with them, encourage them, and maybe even push them if their grades start to fall.

Chris earned his Player of the Month honor for having the best improvement in his rating.  He brought his rating up 255 points in the month of February!  Chris won a gold medal for his efforts.  Way to go Chris!

This Just In!!!  Only 3 days after Chris earned his Player of the Month award, he won first place in the HCA Chess Tournament at Sharpstown Middle School.  Chris competed in division A / Middle School and earned a perfect 5 out of 5 points.  This was the very first time a Bammel Player has taken first place in any tournament held off the Bammel campus. His play helped his team to a third place finish in the Middle School Division.

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