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White Hart Lane home of TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR FC


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White Hart Lane is a modern and impressive stadium. Along the touchlines, and opposite each other are the East and West stands, these look identical at first glance, but you then realise that the East stand has two rows of executive boxes compared with just one row in the West stand. The glass in the boxes is so dark you can't see in, kind of sinsister looking. So what do they get up to in there that's so secret? The away fans are usually in the Park Lane stand, or at least a part of the lower tier of it, this is brand new stand with posh new facilities. Spurs fans surround you though on either side and above in the upper tier. The stand joins up neatly in an arc to the East and West stands. At the other end is the Paxton Road stand, and sadly it is here that the Lane is let down. Although the roof is built so as to smoothly join up with the others, the seats disappointingly only reach half way to it, which looks quite naff, even though they've tried to make up for it by incorporating a huge colour scoreboard in the middle of he bright white panels that fill the gap.


North London so difficult. You can walk from Seven Sisters tube but it's an awfully long way(35mins), this cheeky Spurs fan told me it was fine to walk and then suspiciously hopped on a bus, I found out why 35 minutes later. By car if you can get on the A1010 then that'll take you past the ground, you can get on the A1010 from the North Circular A406. Car Parking is a nightmare too.


Spurs fans can see photos of their players on the scoreboard!


North London derby against Arsenal, or the Man. United game.


1996/7 : Very expensive, although prices start at 15 quid, expect to pay a lot more, more like the 33 quid top price.

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